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In the good ole days I had a pretty good memory.
The good ole days were before iPhone’s, Moleskins, and any other cool thing I could use to write things on.
Today, in my older age I have to write things down. In fact if I don’t write it down it likely will never happen.

On the left is a picture of my iPhone home screen. I have been on a hunt over the last 3 months trying to find a nice blend of productivity/calendar apps that help me remember as well as execute ideas, commitments and meetings. Here are the three that are making it work.

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1. Tempo

Tempo Calendar App
This by far is the best Calendar app I have used yet. What do car guys say, you should see under the hood? Well you should see under this apps hood. It is not only beautifully designed but under the hood is where it really shines. It is one of the most intelligent apps I have on my phone (yes even smarter then Siri). As I enter in information about when, where, what and why it stats to search my emails, contacts and texts and pulls them together inside this app to alert me to all the info I would need for upcoming meetings, appointments and events. I have found myself checking it often to be reminded of different things I have going throughout the day. It has kept me on task and organized. A must have for anyone looking for an upgrade in calendar.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.54.20 AM

This app is my one stop shop for any task I need to get done in the day. Whether it be a reminder to pay a bill, make a phone call or smile more, keeps these task simple and right in front of me. Another beautiful designed app the home screen doesn’t overwhelm you with options but instead ask you what you need to do and when you need to do get it done. And a great bonus, it has a Chrome Extension that makes it even easier to use. Here is a great review written up about it as well that walks you through each function.

3. Thinglist
Thinglist App
This is an app I wish I had about 4 years ago. I am a big resource type of guy. I love to share things I have found with other as well as I love to discover new things. But I have never had the ability to actually capture these resources in a nice easy way. I have tried evernote, notepad, emails to myself, and other productivity apps and they never seem to stick. This app has been my go to for remembering all the things I want to check out.
Whether it is a book, song, restaurant, drink or countless other things, Thinglist presents a home screen that allows you to choose the category you are want to remember, enter in the information and store it away for future reference. This is another must have app for anyone looking to remember that band your friend told you to check out, or the book you have been hearing everyone talk about.

I still remember setting my que of music for download to run through the night on my 56K connection hoping that 3 out of the 10 downloads would work. Did you do the same?

Napster truly did revolutionize and destroy the music industry. I cannot wait to see this film

A new documentary on the rise and fall of Napster, the peer-to-peer file-sharing service that revolutionized the music industry, is set to debut at South by SouthwestDownloaded will have its world premiere on March 10

Sometimes I like to daydream about what it would be like to live at the turn of the century. In these daydreams I often picture myself as the gatherer. Searching the land for anything useful for me to use. This daydream last about 5 minutes until I realize how terrible it would be to not have electricity and I am quickly snapped back to reality. But the present reality I face today is that I am still a gatherer.

Anything and everything I can get my hands on that interest me I like to gather and share. One such area of interest is iPhone apps. Today I have 3 apps that I have gathered and now want to share with you. I think they are all pretty awesome.

1. Setlist

This app has quickly become one of my favorite apps to check daily. Using your Rdio account, Setlist searches your collection of artist and bands and finds concerts in your area. In the past two weeks I have discovered concerts that I would love to go to and did not know they were coming to town. Concerts like the Lumineers and Paper Route.
Note: must have Rdio account to use this app. But if you do not have an Rdio account you need to go and get it now. Found out why here

App Cost: Free

2. Day One

Do not let the price on this app fool you, it is well worth the $4.99. You might be wondering why you would want to pay so much for a journal app? Let me explain why. I have been living with this app for about a week now and I have really gotten into documenting my days, events, and moments. What I enjoy about this app is the ability to use photos, moments, GPS, and good ole fashion words. Some of my plans for this app is to have a documented online journey. The ability to take your days, months or even years and share them online, through email or print is a big selling point for me.

If you are looking for an app that does a great job of capturing moments and has a great interface then stop your search. Day One is the app for you.

App cost: $4.99

3. Matching With Friends

From the folks that brought you words with friends and scramble with friends comes another addicting game, matching with friends. This game is a fun 5 minute time waster. Matching blocks and colors seems to be a bit pre-schoolish, but in fact is challenging to get a better score then your opponent (I’m looking at you Benji Zimmerman). This is an easy must download, mainly so that I can beat you and get more coins. Find me online by searching the name Kyle Reed or Johnny Unite Us.

App cost: free (with ads) $1.99 (no ads)

These are my apps that I have gathered for you over the last week. Feel free to share your app gathering stories with me and the community.


Speaking of iPhone. I created a background for your iPhone of an August calendar. Download here for free. 


I needed some new artwork for my Desktop. So I created an August Calendar. Thought I would make it available for everyone to enjoy.

Download here or by clicking the image.

Hope you enjoy and share with friends.

I would love to see them on your iPhones, iPads or Desktops. Shoot me a picture on twitter @kylereed

What is the WWDC? No it is not this stephen?

The WWDC is the WorldWide Developers Conference that is held each year in June. This is the conference that has had minor little announcements like the original Iphone, iPhone 3 and 3g, and iPhone 4. Also announced was the iPad, new MBP and other such fun.
It is mecca for all apple fan boys and girls.

Part of the fun that surrounds the WWDC is the predictions and anticipation of what is to come. The interesting thing about the WWDC is that Steve Jobs opens it up with a keynote that is filled with major announcements. Dressed in his jeans and black turtleneck, Jobs is famous for going through the keynote in samurai type focus and then ending it by saying “one more thing” and then dropping the bomb on the technology world.

Today I thought it would be fun to try and predict some of the things that could be announced. Continue Reading…

Evernote continues to dominate the note taking, idea generating, book writing, resource saving world.

There have been several resources written about the expansive use of evernote.
Randy Elrod did a whole weeks series on the uses of Evernote.
Michael Hyatt shared his note taking methods using Evernote.
Alicia Rockmore wrote about 6 baby steps for getting started with Evernote.

As you can see, resources are abounding all over the web for the many uses of Evernote. But there is one aspect of Evernote that I have not seen anyone talking about.

How To Use Evernote To Learn Code

I am a self-taught coder and designer. My teacher has been the world wide web and any free resource blog out there I could find. I learned by trial and error, paying attention, and a lot of surfing for the newest way to use CSS3. A lot of the times I would stumble upon a great resource or tutorial and have to bookmark the page for future reference. Most of the time that future referencing never happened. I was missing out on a lot of new techniques and ideas because they were being stored away in a folder rather then being put in a working document that I could check regularly.

Evernote has truly helped me archive and remember pieces of code that I use every single day and I think it can help you do the same.

Here is how to use Evernote to teach you all the code (or any other resource) in the world.
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