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Must Watch Ted Talks

TED talks have grown in popularity. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, which covers a broad spectrum. TED talks excel best when looking towards the future and providing insight into our ever-changing present.

Springing from the annual TED Talks Conference, the talks are now available online and have attracted a global audience. Consequently, these talks have reached billions. Clearly, the world is rapidly changing, and twenty-somethings have more to prove than ever.

Here are 11 essential TED talks videos every young adult should see.

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I still remember setting my que of music for download to run through the night on my 56K connection hoping that 3 out of the 10 downloads would work. Did you do the same?

Napster truly did revolutionize and destroy the music industry. I cannot wait to see this film

A new documentary on the rise and fall of Napster, the peer-to-peer file-sharing service that revolutionized the music industry, is set to debut at South by SouthwestDownloaded will have its world premiere on March 10

It is amazing to think back about all that has happened in 2012.

What is your favorite moment of 2012?


I guess you can call that “a moment”


Forever ever….Forever ever….well maybe

U2 played Nashville on Saturday night. And I think I was one of 7 people who did not go. I had to wait my time as I am going on the 17th in St. Louis. It was the hardest thing to hold off and not go Saturday night but I made it without any major break downs and just spent the night working away.

But there was a moment that happened at the end of their set that will never happen again. As the band finished their last song “moment of surrender” they were walking off stage when Bono spotted a guy a blind fan upfront holding up a sign saying he wanted to play a song for his wife. Bono brought him up and this is what happened.

It gave me the chills.


This Will Make Your Eyes and Ears Happy