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A couple of weeks ago I heard a sermon by Andy Stanley dealing with the subject of  losing your religion. He dealt specifically with the question, where is Jesus?  He told a story that made me stop listening.
In a certain part of Asia, space is really cramped. Because of space they have a law that states that a Husband and Wife can only have one child. This seems like a crazy rule, but parents have learned to adapt to the strict rules. How do they get around this rule? No, birth control is not in the answer, instead they pick and choose what child they want. I figured that they would just have one kid and be happy, but in a male dominated culture having the right sex of a child is very important. Parents will have a child and if the child is a girl or has some kind of “blemish” they will get rid of it. Plain and simple, you have kids until you have the perfect one. Most of these unwanted kids end up on the streets or in orphanages. Andy Stanley visited one of these orphanages. It was a 7 story high building packed with beds and kids. Upon visiting the orphanage he was taken to the 7th floor, the worst part of the building. This is where they kept all the kids that had been there the longest. These kids have been neglected since birth and have never had someone love them.

I stopped listening to Andy Stanley because I could not fathom this. I could not imagine that anyone lived like this. I stopped listening to him because I was so caught up in the utter sadness of the moment that I didn’t want to do anything at the moment but sit there and be quiet. This was a great problem and it seemed like there was nothing I could do about the suffering and down right awful conditions these children were living in.

I had an idea while I was driving yesterday. What if a church decided to turn there building into an orphanage? Taking in children that are unwanted to live in an a building that sat empty 6 out of the 7 days a week. In my mind I am thinking this is crazy and would never work. Who would watch the kids, how would they eat, who would care for them, what would they do? But my heart was giving it right back to me, the church would take care of these kids, people would volunteer their time to stay and love these kids, they would bring them food throughout the day and these kids would have plenty of room to live inside our mega churches. “But we need to keep the church clean,” my head said to my heart “we need those rooms for Sunday school, we cannot just have kids living in our church building.” But my heart kept on saying “what if we turned the church into an orphanage for the down and out, the ones that no one loves and cares about?”

I do not always hear people talk about doing something radical for the down and out. I do not hear about someone talking about adopting 3oo kids to live in a church. Sure there are tons of details that would need to be worked out, but I am pretty sure that God is a lot bigger than the details. How do I know this, because he makes saints out of sinners.

Is this crazy? Am I out of my mind?
Let me know….

I leave you with this quote from Soren Kierkegaard”
“God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but he does what is still more wonderful: he makes saints out of sinners.”

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  • Matt

    God uses thinkers like you.. but the journey for an idea like this if you feel the Lord leading you to do it will be harder than you can possibly imagine. Most of the people you expect to support you and be in favor of helping you will not and likely tell you why it won't work. That isn't to say it can't be done, but if God wants you to do something and you ask him to affirm and confirm it he will so you know it is something you are to do. That is what I did when God gave me a vision, I asked him 7 days in a row and got confirmation all 7 days and then I went for it. The first year was exciting and there wasn't much support till the end of that year, the 2nd year was good but slow, but then support lessened and it got harder. I stepped back from it and just sought the Lord for over a year on a sabbatical from ministry and I also went through what I can best explain as a church divorce during that time as the church I was going through ran into major issues and nearly everyone left. Then a month ago the Lord began to lead me back into it all, this time Ive learned a lot and am just walking in it and letting him lead. The longer I walk in this the more I have seen the vision clearer and the Lord puts things on my heart and I grasp it better, it may take 10 or 20 years before much happens, but I know he is leading me. You have a great idea and if God affirms it for you and you know he wants you to go for it then while it will be hard to do, you will find great blessings along the way, not to mention help likely thousands of kids of whom many may go on to impact the Kingdom of God too. Again though make sure the Lord is leading you in this because otherwise something this big will be impossible to do, plus life will get a lot harder really fast the moment you start walking in something like this.

  • klreed189

    Thanks matt, I appreciate the encouragement and the honesty you showed here in your journey as well.

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  • calamusink

    Well said, Matt. God reveals himself to us in many ways. The most reliable of these revelations is Scripture but it is not the only way he speaks to us. It sounds possible that God has placed this in your heart. To know for sure, seek clarity through prayer, scripture, community (as you have begun to do here), logical thought, etc. I don't get the feeling that this arose out of any fear or pride in your life but that it is something worth seeking clarity on.