Context Is Everything

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Context indeed is everything.
Without context we are left to guess. When we are left to guess our imaginations take us farther away from the truth. Think about the last time you people watched and the stories you made up about the guy with the latte or the mom with the screaming kids. Often times scenarios can become greater then the context of the actual truth.

One of the best demonstrations of context is text messages.
Imagine reading text messages without any context of the situation? The success of text messaging relies heavily on understanding the context of situations.

Now think about the project you are working on, blog post you are writing, or piece of art you are creating.
What is the context that it will be living in?

Sometimes our amazing ideas don’t seem so amazing to everyone else because we have forgotten to define the context and focused more on the content.

The most important thing you can do for your project, dream, or life is to set the context.

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