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When Chris Tomlinson contacted me about reading his book, Crave, I got excited. Probably because no one ever gets in touch with me to review a book, but mainly because at the time I was craving (ya I went there with that pun) something new, fresh, and really I was looking for something more then what I had at the moment. When I got the book in the mail I immediately dove into the first chapter. I knew it was going to be a good book when I read this:

I wondered if the spiritual kindling my parents chopped while raising me would burst into white-hot flames for Christ. Instead, it absorbed the water of the world.

I think we have all been in that boat before. The one that seems to drift between what we learned as a kid and what the real world was like. Often times I felt that I would take on more of a white flame for Christ then I would take on the waves of the world, but instead they seemed to beat me down and put out my flame and leave me empty. This book is for all of you that have felt empty and wanting more. It is for the people who know that there is more to life and crave more.

Chris takes you on a journey through our cravings and brings up the question of what we are craving. There is so much in the world that is going after our attention, and Chris ask the question of what are you craving. Stripping down things like comfort, silence, and the what hunger can teach us about God, Chris takes you on a journey of cravings.

I am sure you are craving more, so check all of this goodness out below.

three chapters of Crave here

Check out Chris here…
His Website
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Do yourself a favor and pick up this book from Chris Tomlinson here
Definitely excited about more to come from Chris Tomlinson not to be confused with Chris Tomlin.

*I have received this book compliments of Harvest House Publishing.

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