CSPAN Ratings and Fear Hit the Roof

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

At least according to the number of people talking about the health care reform last night on twitter and the amount of CSPAN Virgins like myself I can only guess that the ratings went through the roof. And to be honest the broadcast delivered in entertainment value. In all reality I really had no clue what was going on. But watching the passion of people yelling “No” and others interrupting speeches was laughable.

Apart from religion, politics is the most dividing thing for people. It goes as far as classifying things as right or left, liberal or conservative, and Yea or Nay (we live in the 21st century folks, English please). The passion that went into some of those tweets last night was amazing. It reminds me of something an old lady would say to me (I want to say my Grandma, but she has never said this to me) “if you read your Bible as much as you played video games you would know a whole lot about the Bible.” I think the same can be said about the passion that people put into blog post and tweets. Sometimes there is more passion and energy in saying something then actually doing something. I will be the first to say that I am very very very guilty of this. It is a shame that politics can bring out such passion and anger.

I am very torn on this issue.

Reasons I love this bill:

  1. People can get help that need help
  2. I can stay on my parents health insurance for a couple more years. Which in effect can be a negative thing (see this tweet and reasons why I do not like this bill number 3)
  3. Canada cannot make fun of us anymore
  4. Being a Women no longer means that you have a pre-existing medical condition (ask Nancy about that one)
  5. We are sticking it to the man (the insurance companies. except for they will just stick it back and raise insurance rates)

Reasons I DO NOT love this bill:

  1. Premiums rise out of control
  2. The issue is still not fixed
  3. I will not be getting married until I am 26 now because of the ability to stay on my parents insurance
  4. We will run out of doctors
  5. The ER will be flooded with people who have a cough (okay that might be a stretch)

In all reality this bill is great in theory.
Yahoo News had this to say:

Americans who lack it (health insurance), ban insurers from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions and cut deficits by an estimated $138 billion over a decade. If realized, the expansion of coverage would include 95 percent of all eligible individuals under age 65.

That sounds great, people will get help and no longer be held out of help because they have heart conditions or are born with pre-existing medical issues. But in all reality we know that someone will pay for all of this, most likely it will be tax payers.

Now I do not claim to be an expert about any of this stuff. Really I write this to bring up one thing that controls all of this passion and anger…FEAR.

The control of the unknown both in politics and religion cause people to say some crazy things. Stuff like “because of this bill passing Jesus is coming back” or things like “do we think we might actually pay attention and vote in the next election? Or are we just planning on being sheep?” That kind of stuff seems to be said in a great deal of emotion and really in fear.
Unfortunately fear has led us to do some crazy things. Remember September 11th 2001 and waiting in line for hours to get gas? Or how about the fear that if I do not act the right way or say the right things I will not go to heaven.

Fear causes people to vote for certain candidates and causes us to take stands against “religious” matters that causes us to choose sides and therefore separate people inside  and outside the church.
Fear can control our lives.

Is there something that is happening right now that fear is controlling?


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  • wetfishdesigns

    Kyle, great post. I think this bill is not a fix but a band-aid. Future generations will be paying for this and they are already having to foot the bill for many of our governmental mistakes. I think my 3 big issues are lack of torte reform, lack of respect for life (I don't believe they will stick to their word of no govt funded abortions), and the continuation of drug companies being in the pockets of our insurance companies and that be the determining in factor in what medicine we can an cannot get. My insurance company flat out refused to pay for an asthma medication I needed. I was at risk of stroke from too much albuterol, a rescue inhaler. Despite the fact that my doctors TWICE tried to get the insurance company to approve the drug and telling them that I would end up in the hospital if I didn't get it, they still refused. It ended up with me buying the drug myself which ended up being only $57. That my insurance company would rather be admitted into the hospital or have a stroke–very costly and obviously not something I wanted–instead of going off the formulary list simply bc the drug I needed was not from one of the drug companies they had contracts with, is an example of what is wrong and what is NOT fixed in this bill. Imagine the bill if I had a stroke or had to be admitted? $57 is nothing compared to what that bill would be.

    Reform is needed but the kind of reform we need is not in this bill.

    Okay, now I'll get the hate email!

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylelreed

      No problems there. That is a legitimate problem and ridiculous.
      In all reality the reform is great, insurance companies have been long taking advantage of people. The problem is this reform is not what is going to settle the issue. They will continue to bully people and refuse to pay for stuff that they say they “cover”
      That truly is the problem, the insurance companies. Unfortunately you are right, each generation will have to pay for this and not the insurance companies.

  • http://godlysheep.com Brett Barner

    It's amazing how much fear can control so many, and be so irrational.

    About the bill: The dust needs to settle a little bit. Like you, I'm torn on this issue myself. I think we all can agree that reform was needed, but I would be lying if I said I didn't fear being negatively affected in some way by this bill passing.

    Great post, Kyle.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylelreed

      Thanks Brett. And you are right, the dust needs to settle and see where it takes us. All we are is dust in the wind

  • http://bondchristian.com/ bondChristian

    Yeah, I opposed it, but whatever. What's most interesting (saddening?) to me is, like you said, the fear that seems to spread as a result. Same thing with each election or any other political change. What's up with that?

    Jesus said, “Peace be with you.” Are we reflecting that? I don't see it, and I'm looking for it. I wonder what the rest of the world sees in Christians.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylelreed

      Good questions Marshall. I am wish you, I am in search of peace not fear but all I hear is fear that is hidden by anger and rage