Currently: Basically, What is Your Favorite Word

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Question: What is Your Favorite Word?

Mine: I catch myself saying the word basically a lot. Usually it goes something like this: “So basically what we do is….” or “Basically what I do is…”
Don’t know why, I just really like that word. I think it sets up what you are about to say. Usually I use it to to sum up what I am saying in one sentence. Almost like I went on this huge ramble and no one understood me so I have to bring them back with a “basically” and tell them what I got going.

What say You:

What is your favorite word?


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  • Diane

    Trudge: a walk or tramp, esp. a wearying, tedious one

    That’s how life feels at times, but I know I’m going to make it! :O)

    • Kyle Reed

      Ya, exactly. And now I have a new word.

  • Michael

    My wife picks on me a lot for two words:
    1. Essentially
    2. Stoked

    • Kyle Reed

      Essentially is another one for me. A lot like basically.

      • Michael

        It is. I think I started in college because it made me sound smarter.

        Side note: My wife used “stoked” in a sentence last night in the correct context. lol.

  • Brett Barner

    I saw “honestly” a lot. As in “I honestly have no problem with that”. Or when someone asks my opinion I typically start out, “Honestly? I think…”.

    I guess for some reason I like to preface my statement as being true.

    • Kyle Reed

      I do that too, no biggy. Your just trying to be honest.

  • Shelby

    I used to say basically a lot, i say ‘pretty much’ quite often.
    I don’t know what else

    • Kyle Reed

      Pretty much sums it up I guess :)

  • Andy Rhea

    I’m a big fan of “I’m a big fan of…” to describe things that I support or enjoy.
    One thing I very much dislike is the use of the word “literally” to describe something that is obviously exaggerated. I don’t care if I’m in a conversation with my little brother or the pope, I have to call them out on that if they try that nonsense on me. “Really? You LITERALLY ate 50 bacon cheeseburgers after the game???”

    • Kyle Reed

      haha, I am not a big fan of literally.

  • Dusty Rayburn

    My word is “NO.” Probably because I have a 3 year old in the house!

    Another one, “That”. Every time I write a blog post I have to edit three times to get rid of all the that’s. I don’t even want to think about what it sounds like in my speech.

    • Kyle Reed

      I wish I said “No” more often, but I tend to say “Yes” a lot more.

      And I can understand the blog stuff. I say “so” a lot. Always have to go back in and edit that out.

  • patricia


    • Kyle Reed

      hahaha, that is great

  • Kelsey

    Right now it’s “anyways.” I’ve actually (that’s another) been noticing that I do this a lot and have been trying to not say and or write them as much. But it’s hard! I just hope other people don’t notice like I do.

    • Kyle Reed

      I do the same thing when I say “basically”
      I always wonder if people notice.

  • Josh

    “Random” is an overused word in my vocab, for sure…

  • Tom


  • kamrie

    it would most likely be a phrase for me and it is you know what I mean.

  • Janaki

    I use the word “right” all the freaking time. For example, my most used response to people is “I know, right?”