Currently: What is your Favorite TV Show

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Question: For the year of 2010, what is your favorite Television Show?
: This was a toss up between a few, but I had to go with Modern Family on ABC. Mainly because of the guy up to the left that is smiling back at you. Phil Dunphy has become one of my favorite characters on television (a close second is Patrick Jane) and has quickly moved Modern Family to the top of my favorite TV shows.
Which is a very good thing seeing how Lost and 24 are ending this season.

What say You? What is your Favorite TV Show?


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  • Matt Gavenda

    I’m going to say Community on NBC is my favorite show right now. Joel Mchale and Chevy Chase are hilarious. In general the cast and writing keeps my wife and I laughing regularly. A must see if you ask me.

    • Kyle Reed

      I am disappointed with myself because I watched the first two episodes and then never continued. So I am out of the loop.

    • Ampersan86

      Yes!! 2 for Community. Annie Adderall is my home girl.

      I also love Glee and Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

      • Kyle Reed

        Ru Paul’s Drag Race? Didn’t even know that was a show.

        • Ampersan86

          Yep. it’s like, drag queens and America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway all put together. It’s full of sparkles and hairspray and unicorns… It’s my guilty pleasure :P

          • Kyle Reed

            I would say so

  • Jay

    It’s funny. Now that ’24’ is in its final season, this last episode came off that much better and I am looking forward to watching it again.

    ‘Lost’ is my favorite at the moment.

    The fact that they’re both going off the air is going to make it that much easier for me to get rid of cable television.

    • Kyle Reed

      Ya it is a little disappointing that they are leaving us. And you are right, 24 is now more bearable for me. I was really getting tired of it, but now I will honor it and watch until the end.

  • Adam Shields

    I am with Jay. Lost is favorite and seeing how my tivo keeps recording the wrong thing, I am ready to just drop cable. My brother in law lives in our basement and pays for half of cable. But when he moves out, we will at least cut the package, if not drop it completely.

    • Kyle Reed

      Well that is never good, but I know I would get a lot more done if I did not have cable. But I love watching sports to much and would miss all the Cardinal and Blues games.

      • Jay

        That was a concern for me as well since I love baseball so much, but since I’m a Yankees fan and live in Florida, I barely get to see games anyway. I could easily order the MLB.TV package and watch them all the time.

        With networks and other stations starting to stream full episodes, and with Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. it’s at a point where we keep thinking, “What’s the point?” We’d save nearly $1000 a year.

        • Kyle Reed

          Good point. If i moved out of state I would get the MLB package for sure.
          And a Yankees fan, come on Jay?

  • Nathan

    I’ve become a huge Community fan. I’ll be honest and confess that I didn’t mind Gilmore Girls either when it was on several years ago… it’s something about the back and forth, quick witted commentary that I love. The cast is amazing and work well together. So far, that’s my favorite this year.

    Of course, I look forward to 24 & LOST too, and watch FlashForward & V, but they haven’t impressed me much this year.

    • Kyle Reed

      FlashForward has been okay. I refuse to watch V.
      I have been watching Parenthood which is on NBC and has the girl from Gilmore Girls. Pretty good show. On Tuesday nights.

  • Zac

    OK I am going to cheat and list several shows.

    For starters, The Office is still the greatest show still on television (X-Files is still the greatest show of all time). From Jim and Pam’s wedding to the the birth of Cecelia there have been some milestone episodes this season.

    As for 09/10 New shows…

    Best New Dramas…

    FlashForward – Not since Heroes first season have I been impatient between episodes wanting to find out what is going to happen next.

    I also really like V and think you should rethink your refusal. Why do you refuse btw?

    I also have been watching Parenthood and although it is nothing like Arrested Development(another epic show), which is what I thought it would be, it is still pretty good so far.

    Best New Comedies…

    Community is fantastic (notice I didn’t say amazing). Each character is strong and could have their own sitcom by themselves. Definitely glad it got picked up for a second season.

    Modern Family is also epic. Phil is hilarious and Cameron also says and does some ridiculous stuff. That circle of light bit in the first episode still is my favorite moment of the show so far.

    Regular favorites (besides the Office and the new shows) Heroes, Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, and The Mentalist.

    Shows that I still like, but feel they aren’t as strong as they used to be Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. Both shows have lost a lot of characters which in my opinion have made each show weaker.

    • Kyle Reed

      Great comment and list.
      The reason I do not watch V is it seems really cheesy and something that I am not interested in.

      Since you did this I am going to list out some of my shows.
      1) Mentalist
      2) Survivor
      3) House
      4) Parenthood
      5) Flashforward

      Top 5 of the new year.

      And BTW, the first season of heroes was one of the best, from there it got terrible. I am afraid flashforward could do that. But I am still on board.

  • Ben

    My favorite new show of the year is The Good Wife. The cases are great and it pulls you in with multiple story lines weaving in and out.

    My favorite show of all time is Lost. So sad that this is the last season but it is time.

    My favorite show of the past is The West Wing.

    My favorite comedy sitcoms that I can watch for hours on end are The Golden Girls, Roseanne and The Cosby Show.

    • Kyle Reed

      Okay I was with you all the way up to the Golden Girls.
      I have heard the West Wing was really good.

      I never watched the good wife, but it looked interesting.

      • Ben

        Don’t hate on the Golden Girls, great sarcastic, witty scripts. Give it a chance, you will probably laugh.

  • Tom

    The Office, NCIS, and Smallville.

    • Kyle Reed

      Still cannot do NCIS, terrible acting.
      But the Office is a classic.
      Sorry about Scrubs, but it still is a classic.

      • Nathan

        Agreed on NCIS, worst acting I’ve ever seen on a major network. Smallville’s gotten weird for sure, but I’m still watching.

  • Josh

    The Office still tops it for me, when I watch tv.

    For other comedic relief, I’m never disappointed with Dog The Bounty Hunter. His rule of C’s- Cuss, Cuff, Cigarette, Christ is epic. :)

    • Kyle Reed

      Dog the Bounty Hunter is classic. When I was in Hawaii last year I kept my eye out for him

  • Jonathan Jacob

    So my favorite show, right now, is Fringe. I love this show…it’s like a cooler X-files, and the acting is fantastic. John Noble who plays Dr. Walter Bishop is so good.

    I also am a fan of Flash Forward…I really wish they didn’t do that 3 month hiatus with it. I just read today that they’re not even sure if they’re going to renew it for another season…it has so much potential. And I’ve kept up with Heroes…yes all the way through..I just can’t let it go until it’s over.

    • Kyle Reed

      Ya, flashforward is a great concept, just really bad acting.
      I stopped watching Hereos half way through season 2…couldn’t do it anymore.

  • Brewster

    Preface: I don’t watch a ton of tv. But when I get time I like:
    Modern Family
    30 rock
    shark tank

    • Kyle Reed

      First mention of Shark Tank.
      That is a great one.

  • kevin

    I can’t name a favorite, but here are my top shows:

    1. LOST
    2. Modern Family
    3. House
    4. FlashForward
    5. 24 (though I don’t watch it religiously)
    6. Heroes
    7. The Office (though I never get to watch it anymore)

    • Kyle Reed

      Love House, late adopter, but I love it.

  • Brett Barner

    wow, no more 3rd party commenting system. Breaking the chains. Nice. :)

    Definitely digging Modern Family. Also LOST, The Office is back to its bar that it set, and Community rocks.

    • Kyle Reed

      Yup, it was down the other day so I took that as a sign that I needed to get rid of disqus and move on.

      • brett barner

        You need a “subscribe to comments via email” button now. :)

  • Jonathan Pearson

    I watch a lot of sports, but I never miss Big Bang Theory on CBS. Hilarious show!

    • Kyle Reed

      Big Bang Theory is a show that I have heard is funny that I never really got into. I will say the only time that I have seen it was on a flight to Hawaii. Maybe I need to watch it a little more.

  • kamrie

    The office hands down. Who doesn’t love a good dose of sarcasm every week. Modern family comes in second than CSI just kidding third would probably be the mentalist