Depression is Right Around the Corner

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

A week ago today it was 85 degrees, today it is 45 degrees and really really windy. Its what us wimpy people call cold.

I am not a big fan of cold weather, in fact I despise cold weather. The only reason I do not go as far as saying I hate cold weather is because of what it brings: cardigans, coffee, christmas, cold sheets and a warm blanket, the list could go on. But there is one thing that cold weather brings that is hardly ever discussed. The dreary world of depression.

The connection between the four seasons and emotional health has a scary relationship. Winter usually is to blame for the blah feeling that we have when finding motivation and cheer, but winter and cold are not the only times this feeling of depression is present. In fact, the season of depression is the spring. Yes, when the weather is changing, the flowers are blooming, depression only gets worse.

It would make a ton of sense that right now, (fall/winter) is the time of depression and spring/summer is the time of happiness. But in reality these next couple months are the time when depression makes sense and even starts to set in, but it doesn’t completely take over. The difference is, in the spring things are suppose to get better, life is suppose to turn around. The weather is changing and so should you. But when things do not turn around, depression becomes real and we start to question if we are ever going to get out of this “funk.”

Knowing that we are very prone (and I think everyone is) to letting the disappointments of life take over the outlook of the future I would encourage each and everyone to fight. Fight against the notion of letting depression and disappointment set in.

I know things are not always the best
I know that you deserve better
I know that you have worked hard and it seems that you cannot get a break
I know that all you want is a chance
I know it is easier to let fear take over rather then hope

But the most important thing I know is that He knows. God is there and will always be there with you. As easy as it is for me to say, God is with us in all seasons and moments.

I just know how easy it is to let fear, anxiety, and doubt to be at the forefront of everything you do. Lets encourage each other to not let these take over, but lets grab onto hope and lets fight.

The song below has brought me courage over these last couple of weeks. Check it out and listen to the message.


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  • Jason Vana

    Interesting post. I’ve always seen how the winter and cold months can bring on depression, but never really made the connection with it possibly getting worse in the spring, until you mentioned it above. Great thoughts.

    • Kyle Reed

      I did the same thing, and indeed it is more prone to set in then. It makes sense once you step back from it all or even go through it.

  • Shelby

    1. I am SOOO glad i’m not the only person in the world who despises the cold.
    2. Good post, and I’m totally feeling ya. I have been struggling with falling into depression since september but the warm weather was always a help in perking me up now that its getting cold my moods are going down with the temperature and its hard! But you’re right God’s got us and is sooo much bigger than our fears and anxietys

    • Kyle Reed

      Now to see what that means in action, you know, knowing that God is bigger then it all.