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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Did you know that 100,000 women and children are sex trafficked each day?

I had no clue, that was until my sister shared with me some stats and her growing concern over the Fifa World Cup. I love the world cup, and to hear that there was a problem happening at the world cup I had to learn more. She went on to tell me that over 40,000 prostitutes have been shipped in to South Africa for the 50,000 of those that will be coming to South Africa for the world cup.

I had heard that there would be a lot of prostitutes that would be in attendance and I had even heard that they started to be transfered there years ago, but I did not know it was this many. I remember reading the stats and shaking my head in shame and sadness, but that was all I did. Enter into the picture my sister and her passion. She far outweighs me in faith and service and always has prostitution and trafficking on her mind. She has started a ministry called scarlet cord ministries where she looks to minister to prostitutes in Nicaragua by providing support, beauty products and prayer. But just thinking about them and the problem was not enough, instead she decided to do something about the issue.

She has launched a movement to pray for prostitutes. Its spans over the time of the World Cup (June 11th to July 11th). She has designated some specific thing of prayer to consider and has even asked for you to get involved by signing up to pray.

Instead of me blab on more about this go and check out her site and lend your support.

Do me a favor and tweet this out as well:
Get Involved: A 24/7 Prayer Movement for Prostitution and the World Cup. Join Now:

you can also show your support by grabbing some graphics to sport on your blog:

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  • Shelby

    It kinda makes me sad no one has commented on this, i read it super fast before leaving my house and was gone all day, thought I’d come back to some good comments from others!

    But Sex trafficking really angers me, probably more than anything else on this planet. I’m always wishing I could do more to help stop it and I admire your sister SO very much, she is awesome for all she is done and doing!

    and i signed up for a prayer time!

    • Kyle Reed

      great to hear.

      Well maybe people have not commented here, but the cool thing is she has had a huge over flow of comments and people signing up on her site. She actually is only 36 spots away from filling up an entire month.
      If 36 people signed up today for a daily 30 minute time slot the whole month would be covered.

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