Seems pretty obvious as to which door you go through. If your a guy you don’t wear skirts, so you go to the one without a skirt. If your a girl, you wear a skirt (well sometimes, unless your one of “those” people who wear them all the time, for that I am sorry) you go to the girl with the skirt on door. You get the idea. But, this is not so obvious for little kids. You have all been in a public restroom where the kid that seems to be a little too old to be in the opposite sex bathroom is in there with Mom or Dad. Kind of awkward and strange, but wrapped up in a sense of being normal. I always wondered at what age do you go to the bathroom by yourself in public? And how confusing would it be the first time you (a guy) went by yourself without you mom standing there telling you to make sure you hit the toilet?

Stick with me on this one, but I think this is how we go through life. Standing in a place where we are making a big life decision or a change of career. It seems pretty obvious as to where we should go. If your a guy you go into the guys door and if your a girl, well you get the idea. But how many times do we go busting down doors without even looking.

I remember one time when we were on a family vacation to Chicago. We stopped for what seems like our 5th time (that is what happens when you travel with girls) to go to the bathroom. We pulled into McDonalds, piled out of the car and did our business. There was only one problem, McDonalds switched the doors on us. The guys bathroom was on the right side and the girls was on the left. I remember not even looking up as I walked through the familiar left side. I stood there for a second wondering where all the urinals went. I chalked it up to the feminist culture and thought that maybe McDonalds was jumping on the band wagon of feminizing guys and urinals were a thing of the past. As I was doing my business I heard my Mom and sisters come into what I thought was the guys room. I flushed and walked out, you would have thought they had seen a ghost. “What are you doing in here” I asked. “Going to the bathroom in OUR restroom” my sister said. Quickly I checked the front of the door and realized that I was in the women’s restroom. Kind of embarrassing.

At times in our lives we go through the door that we are use to, the one that we want to go through. Thinking that this is the right way we go about our business and move on our way until suddenly we are caught with our pants down and embarrassed.

I wonder how many times I knock down doors instead of letting the doors be opened by God? Often I want to make my own path and not follow the way of the Lord.

In Jeremiah we meet a man named Hananiah. He made his own doors and was punished by God. In Jeremiah 28, Hananiah takes matters into his own hands and declares to Israel that God is going to deliver them. He pretty much speaks for God. Jeremiah later delivers a message to Hananiah, telling him that because you think you know what is best and can speak for God you will be dead soon. In verse 17 we see that Hananiah died in the next year.

Not saying that you will die if you decide to make your own door, but we see in scripture that there are consequences to moving without God. Just ask Saul how that worked out for him.

Did you know that rhinos are really fast? They can run up to 25 mph.
Did you know that rhinos can only see 30 feet ahead of them?
Often times I think we are like rhinos charging ahead hoping that in 30 feet there won’t be a wall. Today, I encourage you(me included) to see the doors that God is opening. Instead of charging through like a rhino we look for the doors that God is opening for us.

Agree, Disagree?


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  • Nikomas

    I hate the restaraunts that try to get creative with their bathroom signs. I was just at Lamberts (home of throwed rolls) and they have a rooster and a hen on their bathroom doors. I'm not a farm boy so I took a guess. Chevy's mexican restaurant puts their's in spanish. I know spanish, but still every time I pray have to pray that i'm right.