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Upon my new adventures of trying to get better at the drums I decided to go out and buy a drum video that will assist me in this task. So I purchesed a video called Thomas Lang’s creative control. I was told that this is one of the best instructional videos for someone looking to gain some more technique and creativity. The day arrived when it came in the mail and I opened it up and popped it into the dvd player. Right away I knew I was in trouble when he I saw a picture of his drumset. Let me just explain to you how these professional drummers have their drums set up. First of all they have about 2 to 3 of everything. They have a double bass they have 2 or 3 snares they have 2 or 3 hi hats 5 or 6 toms and so many cymbals that you cannot even count. That is just the beggining, this guy starts to play and is going crazy on the drums. I am sitting all ready thinking to myself I will never be able to do this and will really never want to do it. Then he starts to talk about how to do this and starts to talk about hitting this drum and then this drum and I realize that I do not have any of that stuff. So I fast forward to the next section. The next section he is sitting around a bunch of practice pads. He has a practice pad drum set. I do not have one of those I am lucky to have one practice pad let alone 5 or 6, he starts to talk about practicing this and practicing that and I am lost again. I started to think to myself, all I really want is some practical lessons on how to play better in a worship service. Then I start to think, what would a Christian drum instructional video look like. And I start to think to myself how funny that would be to watch. I can only imagine what songs they would try to teach you, and how to play the same beat on every song. Because just like a guitar player playing the same three cords over and over, all a drummer needs to know is how to play one beat and you will have no problem (for an example see the drummer at calvary church youth service). So if there is a video out there that you have seen let me know and maybe one day I will make a drum video.

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