Embarrasing TV

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Since yesterday I tore apart the DVR and its assault on a generation. I decided to ask an embarrassing and yet fun question for this Friday.
Answer honestly and openly, this will give us a good chance to see a little bit more about who each and everyone of us really are.

Here is the question….
What is one show that you watch on TV that you would not want anyone else knowing that you watch?
What is one show on TV that you never miss?

Here is my answer…
One show that I am embarrassed to say that I watch is a baby story. Ya, that show on TLC that goes through the life of a family expecting and then after the birth shows how the new parents are handling this new life. I do not watch it as much now, but back in the day when I was off of school and home bored I would watch that show every morning.
I did admit this a couple of days ago that I watched this show so I do not feel like it is that embarrasing (sad yes, but embarrassing not so bad).

A show that I never miss (thanks to my DVR) is flashforward. I have really enjoyed this show a lot this fall and never miss an episode.
The same can be said about the Mentalist and Survivor (#Shambo).

This is the extent of my TV watching.

Okay now it is your time to answer the questions and let us know a little bit more about you.

What is one show that you watch on TV that you would not want anyone else knowing that you watch?
What is one show on TV that you never miss?

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  • http://morethanuseless.com Tom

    To be totally honest, I don't watch much TV. There are a handful of shows that the wife and I DVR, but I don't really just sit and watch to the pass time (I'm not knocking doing that, it's just not me). As such, I can't think of anything that comes to mind that I wouldn't want others to know that I watch.


    There is one show that I *never* miss that people often laugh at me for watching: Smallville.

    I'm a ridiculously big fan of Superman and have watched this show since it started. I've gone with it through high school, college, and now married-and-working life. I don't miss it.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 Kyle Reed

      Can't do smallville. I remember friends in College who loved it. Couldn't get into it. But I can see the superman connection.

  • Shelby

    Well, i don't really care all that much about what people think about the TV I watch. I don't get embarrassed by the things I like. But I do love to watch Hannah Montana, and just Disney Channel in general, which is unusual for a college student, and I get some smack for it but I don't care. lol and I love TLC and pretty much every show on there, (including Baby Story. haha)

    And I never miss an episode of The Secret Life of An American Teenager, I'm excited for the new season in January

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 Kyle Reed

      Can't do Hannah Montana, but my sister really likes her and she is 18 as well. So you are not alone

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  • http://zenacity.blogspot.com/ Krista

    Honestly, I don't watch TV at all except for sports. No joke. Every once in a blue moon I'll watch Antiques Road Show, and I'm not even embarrassed by it. I don't have cable and definitely don't have anything fancy like DVR.

    I do watch a couple of shows on DVD on occasion: Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 Kyle Reed

      I love me some Antique Road Show, good stuff.
      What sports do you like?

  • Breanne McLendon

    The one show I am probably embarassed that I watch is One Tree Hill. In my defense, I have been watching it since it started when I was in high school. I feel so invested! I can't give up on them now!! I love The Office so that is one show I don't usually miss. Also, love the sports so college football, college basketball, or baseball. I could watch any of those!