Excuse me, its Sin Nation

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Today I dealt with another instance where someone uses Las Vegas as a model of a “dark” and sinful place to live. This time it came in our staff devotional time where the person talking was referring to the prodigal son and how it would be like he would go to Vegas and blow everything and indulge in any sin he wanted. While i sat there and listened to everyone in the room talk about how bad of a place Vegas is and most of them had never been there or will never go there because it is a bad place it is. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for all that have this attitude. I guess I am just really getting tired of hearing “Christians” talk about how Vegas is the devils playground and how bad of a place it is. What people forget is that Vegas has become like this because people that live there want to make money, like everyone else, and to do this they have places for people to come and do whatever they want. I am not condoning what they do or what is set up there for people to partake in. But to label Vegas as sin city is a joke. It is not all the people that live there they partake in all of this so called bad stuff. It is the millions of tourist who come everyday who partake in it all. Granted there are people who live in Vegas that have problems, but last time I checked I was a sinner, just like you are a sinner. So if you want to call it Sin something, you might as well call it Sin Nation. These things are happening all across the country and to blame Vegas for it, or to think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is just not accurarte. Most of the stuff that is happening in Vegas is happening in everyones neighborhood and city. Sure, there is probably not half naked girls on billboards everywhere or billboards that advertise “porn stars needed” but everyone has a problem and there is sin wherever you go.
I apologize if I seem a little harsh, I am just tired of hearing people talk about how bad Vegas is and how sinful it is.
So next time you hear Sin City, think about Sin Nation.
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  • Anonymous

    Thank You Kyle. I’m sick of hearing people say the same thing.

  • Brennan Loveless

    hey buddy,
    i hear what you’re saying. it’s ridiculous for people, especially adults who in all reality, should be able to rationalize and realize that the world is a pretty ugly place that we are called to help redeem.
    on the flip side, i think most people would agree with you, but it seems like more of a nickname to me that people just recognize what place you’re talking about because of the city, state of Nevada, and the federal government allowing and condoning billboards “needing porn stars.”
    all in all i’m not disagreeing with you, but the city of Vegas wants that attention…at least that’s the way it certainly appears on the “what happens in Vegas…” commercials that i’m sure they show across the country to get people to come out and partake in whatever floats their boat.
    i do think it’s ridiculous that some narrow minded mid-westerners think so badly of it…and have never even been there. i think Christ would be proud of our bigotry…don’t you?

  • Emily

    Nate lives in Vegas… he really good… you can still pray for me :)

  • brianspessard

    As I read this, my thoughts were very similar to brennan loveless’ comment above.

    Sure, Vegas has its obvious pitfalls and a reputation for bad influence, but there are churches and ministries on the scene working to get people out of seemingly hopeless situations. To neglect that and write off Vegas as a lost cause is, in a way, denying God the grace for them that he has for all of us. Just because some people aren’t making the best life choices doesn’t mean that God can’t or won’t accept them if they turn to him with a humble and contrite heart.

    And I fully agree with brennan loveless in saying that a lot of the image that Vegas has accumulated has unfortunately been brought upon itself through commercials and advertisements.

    Maybe we should encourage prayer for the leaders of the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada.