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What is a faithbook of Jesus? Glad you asked…Faithbook of Jesus is a book of devotionals for 20 somethings. That is right, a book for 20 somethings that doesn’t try and have some cheesy looking picture on the front or use hip language to get you to read the book. Simply, it is a book of devotionals for 20 somethings by a 20 something. That 20 something is Renee Johnson.

Renee Johnson

Renee has become known as the devotional diva to her followers and more importantly is known for her self reflecting devotionals that ask questions that get to the heart of Jesus teachings then she is for being a diva (she is really not a diva). The thing I find most exciting about Renee’s first book (that is right folks, she is not just done with one, but is working on another as you read this) is that she is more concerned about creating a conversation through self reflection and honesty. What struck me about this devotional book is the grace that it was written with.

When I was talking with Renee about why she wrote this devotional (I mean seriously, this is a huge task, why would anyone attempt this) she simply told me that she could not find any devotionals for 20 somethings and wanted to change that. Awesome.

She has interview well over three hundred 20 somethings and has their reflections in each days devotion. Not only do you hear from others you also are given some things to pray through as well as a couple of questions to consider. Each of these goes into a day’s devotion found in Faithbook of Jesus.

This will be a great resource not only for yourself (no matter how old or young you are) but also will be a great resource for any ministry. Do yourself a favor and pre-order Renee Johnson’s Faithbook of Jesus now.

You can pre-order the Faithbook of Jesus here
Faithbook of Jesus

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