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It seems that I write a lot. Okay maybe I just feel like I write a lot. But you know, you got to have that digital foot print that goes across the interwebs. I thought it might help if I listed some places that you can find me.

The 8BIT Properties

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The Kyle Reed.TV Network

Ya I have my own TV station…thats how I role. This is a place to find videos and photos just for you. I like to share some resources here as well.

Here are a couple of my favorite post from this property:

What Motivates Us
President Obama is a Worse Golfer then Me
One Reason Why You Should Switch to Google Chrome

The Stephen Brewster Property

Not only did I help design this site I also write on this site. Brewster is the man when it comes to creativity and leadership.

Check it

How to Be Creative At Your Church For Free

The Jesus Needs New PR Property

Indeed Jesus does not need new PR, but Matthew Paul Turner is determined to start the conversation that needs to happen. Matthew is a great author and friend.

Here are a couple of post I have written on his site

What You Need to Know About WordPress 3.0
Gravatar Your Way to Internet Identity