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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I would like to give you something.

Its your choice, you can accept it or say no thanks. No pressure. (except if no one has commented on this with a yes, then you can give me a pity yes)

I am giving away free blog headers. Thats right, those things that sit atop of your blog that honestly can make or break the design of your site. I’m not guaranteeing you perfection, but I would love to give you something.

So here is the deal. Leave me a comment saying that you would like a free header and give me some details.

Here is what I need from you:

1) Title of your blog:

Exactly what you want it to say.

2. Overall look:

What would you like to see. Maybe you have a color scheme already. Let me know what that is. Maybe you have a picture in mind that you would like to include. Put that in there as well.

3. Link to your site:

Give me a url so I can get a feel of your site

4. Openess:

Be open to my design. If you like it use it, if you hate it don’t use it. But remember I am doing this for free, so do not be picky.

5. Everything els:

Anything else you would like to include, let me know.

Feel free to use the header anyway you would like. I just want to be a resource to you the blogger. I have been designing a lot of headers lately and would love to offer those up to you. So hit me up with what you want and lets see what we can come up with.

You want a blog header?


No Longer Accepting Submissions. Sorry


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Shelby

    I want one!!! I have to think what i want!!
    So i’ll be replying to this soon!

    • Shelby

      Okay! I kinda maybe know what i want.
      See i’ve been trying to think of a new name for my blog.
      and i think I want to call it “Sleeping in Peace” taken from the quote
      “Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones. And when you have finished your daily tasks, Go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” -Victor Hugo

      1. Sleeping In Peace
      and if you could add the quote to the banner that’d be cool too!
      2. I just have a one click theme from wordpress and its kinda just basic and plain, and the current header is just one of the ones that came with it. I like the simple-basic-ness of the theme, but i would love for you to just use your creativity on the header. I like really pretty simple things, whimsical is a good word for what i like i think. (like your tree on your header, LOVE IT) so maybe a flowery design or tree branches, idk birds something really cool but simple. and if you want to put color in it. yellow makes my heart beat.
      4. Even though i rambled a lot in two and threw lots of ideas out there i am completely open to your ideas and creativity.
      5. Sorry i wrote so much.

      • Kyle Reed

        perfect. I got some ideas.
        and i like the name a lot

        • Shelby

          i’m so excited. :D

  • Casey

    I would!

    1. The Bradens…real original huh? I don’t know what else to call it.
    2. I’m not really sure…I’m open!
    4. I’m completely open!
    5. I recently tried to re-do the look of my blog (with one of those free one-click designs haha!), but the header isn’t centered and I don’t love it.

    • Kyle Reed

      I got something special planned for you

  • Daniel

    Hey Kyle – this is very cool of you. I’m asking for one too and here’s what I’m thinking:

    1. danieljohn music
    2. something that looks like a music artist
    4. very open and excited to see what you design
    5. I don’t really have a header right now, so anything you think looks good/fits is great with me.


    • Kyle Reed

      on it

    • Kyle Reed

      why doesn’t your site work?

      • Daniel John

        uh…I’m not sure because it seems to be working for me, but let me know if you still aren’t able to get there. I have had some issues lately with dreamhost and have thought about rebuilding the site.

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  • Kevin McIntyre

    Love your spirit on this project!

    1) Title of your blog:

    artFWD: connecting art to worship

    2. Overall look:
    Our site uses a lot of dark grey, so some color to break that up. Art related imagry.. .

    3. Link to your site:

    4. Openess:

    Yup, open!

    5. Everything els:

    Here’s a link to the current header so you could grab dimensions & what not!

    • Kyle Reed

      perfect. I will see what I can whip up

    • Kyle Reed

      honestly man, I really like your header now. I will work on something and see if you like it, but i think you have a great look now.

      Also, with the ministry and heart of your blog you should (if you haven’t already) connect with a friend of mine names stephen proctor (@worshipvj) he does a lot of stuff with art in worship environments and has a great ministry.

  • Felicity

    Aren’t you Mr. Generous?! : )

    1. Rare Rocks – current subtitle is “the intentional formation of beautiful souls” – could also add “a blog by Felicity White” – I’m open, as they say!

    2. Kind of have the aqua/orange theme going on, but no special attachment. My premise is the analogy of gems and precious stones (refinement process of spiritual formation), so any graphic that ties in with that would be awesome.


    4. So not picky. : )

    5. My husband Dan (danieljohn music) met you at STORY and told me you were a great guy! : )

    • Kyle Reed

      ya it was cool talking with him.

      I will get right on this and see what I can come up with.

  • Mike Handy

    1. Marketing Handy
    2. I dont have an overall look… maybe MadMen intro style?
    4. Sweet
    5. Awesome

    • Kyle Reed

      thanks mike. probably be monday when I am finished

  • Emily Sutherland

    Kyle, this is so generous and cool of you. I would love something artistic and beautiful to improve on my rather generic looking wordpress blog. I’m a writer. My blog is pretty personal reflections about life, faith and creativity.

    I don’t even have a snappy name for the blog. Wish I did! I love Grit & Glory’s blog name, but for now I’m just using my name — Emily Sutherland’s blog at My audience tends to be women (though not exclusively) who read for inspiration/faith-related topics.

    I write professionally, but my blog isn’t about my professional work. I’m very open to your creative ideas on a header that makes sense.

    Thanks a million!

    • Kyle Reed

      sounds good. I got some ideas. I will shoot you something by next week.

  • Jason Stewart

    Hey Kyle,

    Love this idea, I hope it has a lot of success. I use Standard theme on 2 different blogs right now, one personal ( & the other a ministry my wife and I are beginning ( I would love the most help with Family Muscle:

    1) Title of your blog: Family Muscle

    2. Overall look: We are building upon the color scheme and design of the logo created by another designer friend.

    3. Link to your site: above

    4. Openess: yep!

    5. Everything else: Family Muscle is about to be highlighted by a national family magazine so as that creates traffic we really want the site to pull people in and connect them to some of our resources so appreciate any help you can give. Any input or advice on the overall site would be loved as well. Thanks Kyle!

    • Kyle Reed

      I will start working on the family muscle blog for sure. I will probably have something for you a week from now.

      • Jason Stewart

        Thanks Kyle! Excited to see what you create. Do you need the Illustrator file for the logo?

  • Jason Rallis

    Hey this is awesome. I’m not in need of a header for my bloggy blog blog right now cuz I’m working on a redesign on my blog and am not sure how things are gonna turn out. But thanks for the offer! I’m glad others are taking you up on it.

    • Kyle Reed

      thanks jason. I look forward to seeing your revamp blog

  • David

    This is awesome! Thanks for being willing to do this for all of us!

    david norman blog dot com

    like you, i’m using a fairly basic version of the standard theme 2, though i haven’t customized it even this much.

    i typically dig the dark and grungy / Retro vibe.

    i can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • Kyle Reed

      perfect, I like the retro vibe. I got some ideas. Probably finish late next week.

      • David

        awesome. thanks bro

  • Matt

    I’d love to grab a header!
    1-Blog – Get to the chorus
    2-I’m using a preset scheme. I like to stick with darker colors – blacks and greys.
    Thanks man,

    • Kyle Reed

      no problem matt. Probably be finished next friday

  • Kelly Stewart

    1. Party of 5
    2. I like brown with pops of color. Maybe a picture of our fam? We have some recent pics that a professional photographer took.

    My husband just commented about our Family Muscle site, too. Any help you can pass along would be great. Thank you!

    • Kyle Reed

      cool. I will check out those photos and put something together. Probably be a week and a half from now until I can work something up for you. But you never know, maybe I will be really inspired the next couple of days.

      • Kelly Stewart

        Kelly, this is so exciting. When you are ready, I can email a picture or two. I have some that my professional friend took on Facebook as well.

        I just thought of something that might be good to tweak the name and your design ideas. In the next couple of weeks we are going to begin sharing with our family and friends that we are going to adopt a child internationally. With that, I will want to update the name of the blog to be “Party of 6”. If you could design the header reflecting the new name and the addition to our family, that would be incredible. Timing would be great and help us create more excitement for our adoption and possibly other families to consider adopting.

        Thank you, you have no idea how long I have been wanting a new & unique blog header!

        • Kelly Stewart

          I just realized I typed my own name when I meant to type Kyle. My bad, you can tell it is a party around here ;-)

          • Kyle Reed

            haha, thats cool. I understand

  • Katy

    Fun! I’d love to see what you come up with!
    1. B’ahava (With Love)
    2. I’m fairly open…I just like bright, happy colors. And as you’ll see when you visit…God, Africa, and kids are a big part of my heart :)
    4. Totally open! I am open to changing the background too…there are parts of it that I don’t like currently and I like change :)
    5. Thanks!!!!

    • Kyle Reed

      awesome. Love the idea and heart behind this. I will start working on this soon.

  • Dru Collie

    Title: Toys In My Coffee
    Overall Look: Not much of one yet. Just started this blog to chronicle our journey of adoption from Ethiopia.
    We also have a non-profit and the site is
    We are OPEN to anything!
    The name “Toys In My Coffee” makes reference to how crazy our lives are with kids and fostering/adopting. It is really a basic blog to capture milestones, raise awareness and support, raise funds…..
    Let me know what you think

    • Kyle Reed

      Love that, glad you are adopting. What an exciting journey. I will start working on something very soon

  • Nathan

    Jeez, this is a popular post today, wonder why? Haha. I would love some help with a header.

    1. Title of your blog: Unfettered Bloke

    2. Overall look: It changes constantly. I’m not a designer, just a hack wannabe, but I’m trying to convey a sense of freedom and simplicity. The look of my site’s changed a lot of the years and I just recently went to a tumblog format to get in the habit of posting regularly.

    3. Link to your site:

    4. Openess: I trust your judgment and any other feedback you’d like to offer ;)

    5. Everything else: My blog name means a lot to me personally because it sums up where I’ve come from and who I am. I come from a very legalistic background and I’m still in the process of breaking free from it. Not sure the design or look/feel of my blog conveys that message or not and that’s the part I struggle with.

    Thanks Kyle!

    • Kyle Reed

      Awesome. I will start working on that very soon

  • Dru Collie

    Forgot to put the link to the actual blog I am looking for a header for! Geesh!

    Check it!

  • Kevin

    I’m down.

    Kevin DeShazo | life in slow motion (though honestly, I’m open to your suggestions based on my blog.

    I like a simplistic, sharp look – if that makes any sense.

    Openness: I suppose

    Else: curious to see what you come up with, based on my blog and social influence (based on you know of me)

    Also, take your time. I’m in no hurry.

    Appreciate you man.

    • Kyle Reed

      Ya I will be interested to see what I come up with as well :)
      But I will start working on this very soon

  • Danny Bixby

    Cool idea, sunshine.

    If you have spare time once you’ve churned through the masses, feel free to hook me up with something awesome as well.

    I trust your creative juices.

    • Kyle Reed

      for you…anything

  • adie gateley

    kyle! how great is this? hopefully your’re still looking for blogs to spiffy up, here’s my info:

    1) Title of your blog: Femme de Photo: I want to make you laugh and inspire your brain

    2. Overall look: Modern, simple, with a splash of weirdness

    3. Link to your site:

    4. Openess: got it…im open and won’t nit pick!

    5. Everything else: on my current site, i have a lot of words in the title box, a summation of who i am…its wordy, i get it, but if it could be faded or somehow incorporated into the design, that would be well, amazing…however, i understand if not! thanks for offering such fun to complete stingers. i am excited…

    • Kyle Reed

      I will check it out for sure. It will probably be a couple of days though :)

      • adie gateley

        Thank you, no rush!