Free Concerts and Free Food

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

something about the word free just makes it better. i have under estimated the value of free stuff. this fourth of july weekend i was reminded why free is such a good thing. so i come into town on thusday night and right away i see the benefits of being gone from somewhere for an extended time. one of my first request when i got home was some home cooked meals. this is another thing that i have taken for granted. the beautiful taste of a pork stake from the grill, some corn on the cob and some good fried potatoes with a large glass of milk. nothing better than that. so this kicks of my stay at home. what a way to start. friday i wake up and my sister wants to take me to bestbuy and get me a griffin iTrip, this little thing is awesome. the next day i get some more free food from my dad, he takes me to bandanas. later that night i have a party at my house where i get some free gifts. so i am thinking that this weekend can’t get any better with free stuff. then i start talking to kirk and find out that switchfoot is playing at the fair and they are going. i am not a big fan of switchfoot, but i figure it is free and i will get to see the fireworks, so what the heck. we get there and see some chairs set out and we try and get to sit in them but are told you have to have tickets, so we go back to where we were sitting kirk and amanda go off and buy a funnel cake. they come back with two tickets, so they go up to the seats and i stay back with one of my friends that i have not seen in a little while. they call me about five minutes later and tell me that they have an extra seat saved for me, so i go up there. i am expecting them to be sitting in the back, but they are about six rows from the front of the stage a little left of it. the concert was pretty cool. switchfoot did a good job. one thing i found funny was how many songs they played from their most recent album. they really didn’t play any old stuff, which was probably a smart move considering that most of the crowd has never heard of them until their most recent album. so we leave the fair after the fireworks and we get out of there in about twenty minutes which was amazing considering how long it took other people. the next day is monday and i have a lot to get accomplished. i have to make a video for an application that i am turning in to jr high believe. but i get some more free help from my friend tj and i get the video done in about an hour. later on i leave to go back to ciy, unfortunately gas is not free except for the gift card andrew schultz gave me. so this weekend was a great weekend. i wish i could have stayed longer, especially because i come back to ozark to find people everywhere, showers that don’t work, and a bathroom that services about twenty guys not been cleaned in about two months. so i have come to the conclussion that if everything was free maybe we would have a lot more happy people in the world, but we would also have a lot more lazy people in the world too.

I also got the new mae cd for my birthday, it is awesome.

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