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After reading several blogs on the subject of Catalyst and Rock Stars I couldn’t help but indulge myself in a post as well. No, this is not a “bashing” or “slamming” (who says that word?) post where I talk about all the wrong things in the world. Trust me, we have plenty of time for that later. No, this post is a conversation starter, a chance to voice your opinion and see if others agree or disagree.

Lets get some facts on the table….You would much rather go to a conference to hear Rob Bell or Francis Chan speak than you would to hear Kyle Reed (who is that guy?) speak. This point is obvious. I am in the same boat, I do not spend a whole lot of time on a blog of a no namer than I do on ragamuffin soul. Lets face it, we are enamored by the rock stars.

But don’t you think that we, the consumer, have created this mess? We have continued to elevate rock stars to lead us? I know I have. I get caught up in this idea that everything they say is amazing. I sit there and eat it up wanting more, I elevate them to another stratosphere. Ultimately I then elevate myself to that next stratosphere or at least think I have to be there to do something extraordinary. I think that is why catalyst describes its conference as being a gathering of the “doers”, the “cultural architects”, the “influencers”, the “change agents”, the “bold”, the “excellent”, those who are “passionate about something big”, and the “driven” wanting to “reclaim our communities and culture for good.” You want to be all those things that are described and you truly believe that if you are not those things you are a nobody, a nothing.

I feel so confused as to my response and reaction to all of this. This is why I struggle reading a great book, a book that makes you feel like you and author are best friends, I struggle with this because I want to actually be there friend. This is why when you go to a concert or a speaking event and you become completely mesmerized with what you were just apart of you do not want to leave. You want to go with them, do what they do and be their friend. But in all reality we all have to go back to our lives and learn and listen from afar, I hate that.
Ok, now I am starting to ramble. Sorry

I want to ask everyone these Two questions….
how do you deal with wanting to be something/somebody else?

How do you observe from afar and be okay with that?


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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
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  • austinklee

    I have been in and around churches of all sizes my entire life thanks to my Father's calling into the ministry. So I have heard tons of different speakers, the majority being of the "no-name" variety. However, I have noticed that some of the things being discussed at the mega-conferences are not all that different from some of the things that my Father and his friends talk about at their much smaller conferences and meetings.

    It makes me wonder if what they are saying is really that profound or if they just have a bigger platform to say it from. I think my Father is one of the smartest and most creative pastor's around (not just saying that.). He doesn't blog, tweet, facebook, write books, or speak on the conference circuit because he is too busy ministering to his congregation of 400.

    I understand that Rob Bell, Andy Stanley, et al. are in demand because people know them and they have been successful at building huge churches. I wonder what would happen if they would tap a few of the unsung Heroes in ministry. Somehow have a casting call of fresh voices from "normal sized" churches talk about leadership, family, theology. I wonder if we might hear some pretty profound things from a new voice?

  • klreed189

    Great question and point. Ultimately I think this new voice type thing is best seen in mentoring. I am much like you in the fact that I truly respect my dad and think he is brilliant. I want others to be able to experience his knowledge and help. He doesn't have a huge platform, book, or blog, but he does speak a lot of truth into a handful of individuals life and influences them that way. Maybe this call for new faces is a call for mentoring.

  • Tyler_Braun

    This is something we've talked about already. I think supporting people we trust is a great thing. If the big name bloggers have created a trust with the readers, that is awesome. But when we try to replicate it..we've gone too far. I see this far too often.