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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Last night, like almost everyone in the world, I spent two hours watching U2 on youtube. If you missed out on this incredible night I am sorry. No matter if you like U2 a little or a whole lot, it was a moment to behold. Hundreds of thousands were in attendance and hundreds of millions watched online. It was truly something that has never been done, and I really don’t know if it can be topped.

What made this experience even better was being able to go to the concert with all of my friends. I wasn’t literally at the show, but I was able to experience it with several of my friends on twitter. This only enhanced the experience. I took several screen shots for your viewing pleasure and mine.

In sports there is a moment in the game that changes everything, it is usually called the game changer. It could be a player, it could be a play, but it is always there. Last night I believe we all witnessed a game changer for music and social media. Taking the best band in the world and broadcasting them into everyone home in HD for free was something that I thought would never happen. And yet last night everything went off without a hitch and U2 looked as good as every.

Usually it is hard to see the final outcome of a game changer, but it always leads to something changing. U2 changed the game last night and I cannot wait to see what is next. Here is a stat for you: Twitter stats from U2 on youtbue: 23,438 tweets, 10,691 contributors using hashtag #u2webcast

“Luckily we don’t believe in luck, grace abounds” -BONO

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  • Tyler_Braun

    it was a truly awesome thing. the quality was so much higher than i expected.

  • Kyle Reed

    Ya that was amazing. I as truly amazed. I had no problems what so ever with the feed. I really felt like I should be paying 20 bucks for what I was watching and instead was blessed by an amazing concert for free, not having to deal with traffic or high ticket prices. Awesome stuff. And twitter only made it better.

  • Dick Tracy

    I love listening to U2. I watched part of the concert on youtube today. It was pretty cool, especially the quality, sound, backstage stuff, camera angles, etc. No doubt about it. There are a couple thoughts that came into my mind while watching it:

    1) Before dementia hits me at an old age, I will not remember this concert unless someone specifically brings it up. Not saying it was not memorable but because I did not watch it live or through youtube with friends of mine singing along or having a party.
    2) In the past I have watched football games, movies, musicals, concerts, etc. with friends and families. The events I remember are the ones I had the best time with my friends or family, not because of the amazing performance (game winning touchdown, the twist at the end of the movie, funny/emotional scene from the movie, singing together,etc.), but because of the period of time experienced together. It was the people I experienced the event with that sealed a memory into my brain, not the people I told about the event, or the people I text while at the event, or the people that I did not know at the event.

    Was the concert a game changer in my life? No.
    Was the concert a game changer for music media? Probably (I cannot see into the future).
    Was the concert a game changer for those who experienced it together? Yes.