Gary Vaynerchuck at SXSW

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

If you are involved in social media odds are you have heard of Gary V (Gary Vaynerchuck).
Instead of me trying to explain who he is, I will let you watch who he is.
Check out this video from a session he did at SXSW.
(Warning, there are a few choice words in here, just an FYI)

If you enjoyed this you will enjoy his book called Crush It.

What is one question you have about social media?

feel free to ask away, the community here is pretty smart.


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Kyle Reed

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Kyle Reed is a connector looking to connect with others. A 20 Something that is blogging his way through life and looking to connect through community. Also a team member of the 8BIT Network and brand evangelist. Find me on twitter: @kylelreed, lets chat.
  • bondChristian

    Gary Vee is top five for me online, perhaps top three, but at that point it starts getting really hard to narrow it down.

    Thanks for spreading the word, Kyle.

    Okay, here’s a question I’d love for people to answer. Gary talks about commenting on blogs and forums and twittering 11+ hours per day. My question: How much time do you guys spend doing that stuff? How often do you comment, how often do you tweet, and how often do you post in forums?

    I’m just curious.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

    • kevin

      I spend, total, maybe 3 hours a day (much of this at night while my wife is editing pictures). I have Hootsuite or some other Twitter app up all the time, but I’m not always checking it. With Hootsuite, I can schedule when I send tweets out – which is what I do with blog posts. Other than blog posts tweets, my tweeting (hate that word) is really random. A tweet really only takes 15-20 seconds to knock out, so regardless of how much you tweet, it’s not really that much time. I might spend 30 minutes a day (or every other day) writing blog posts. I spend about 30 minutes reading other blogs/commenting on them – generally in the morning. I read maybe 8 blogs on a daily basis, so it really doesn’t take that much time. I comment if I really like the post, or if it is a community that I’ve gradually become a part of (like this one, for example), I will probably post more often. Generally, there is no real rhyme or reason to my commenting…which I have found to be true of many others as well. Dang, that was a long-winded answer. I need a Dr. Pepper.

    • Kyle Reed

      It is pretty much an all day thing for me.
      I have cut back on a lot.
      I spend an hour and a half in the morning reading and commenting on blogs.
      I hardly ever go to forums, except for

      Twitter wise I spend all day on there.
      Not checking it all the time, but it is running in the background. There are times where I will interact with it more, but I like to pay attention to the conversation and flow.

      I have had several ideas for start-ups and new blogs, but honestly am unwilling to do it because I do not have the time nor do I want to take the time to make them “successful” at least the way that Gary V wants you to be successful.

      What about you Marshall?

      • bondChristian

        Why, thank you for asking, Kyle. :)

        Let’s see… I try to keep some kind of rhythm going, but lately it’s been a bunch of one thing one day and a bunch of something else another day.

        Comments: Some days I don’t comment much at all – other days I’m all over the place… and when I say “all over the place,” I mean 20-40 comments in a day. Last I checked, each comment = about six minutes. You can do the math.

        Tweets: Probably about half an hour when I’m “not really doing much with Twitter.” Closer to a couple hours when I am.

        Forums: This goes in spurts for me. When I’m active I might spend an hour or two interacting per week. Not much in comparison.

        So yeah, I’m interact a lot (writing time excluded). Not 11 hours worth, but it does feel like I’m running two full-time jobs here.

        At the same time, though, it’s what I do on Saturday afternoons or, like now, at 3:54AM during the week – in other words, I love it.

        -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • @realpb

    for me, tweeting just kinda happens along with everything else i do online (or on my iphone).
    for example, if i read a cool article, i can quickly post a link to it.
    and as i work at the office, i’ve got Tweetdeck up in the background, and my eyes just kinda occasionally scan it for goodies. if i had to quantify a time, i’d say it probably added 30 minutes total to my work day (or took away 30 minutes – depending on how you look at it ;)

    as for commenting on blogs, probably 10-15 minutes a day at most. but i’m not really approaching that methodically (as in trying to promote a brand, etc.) so it goes along with a more casual blog-reading type of activity.

  • Andy Rhea

    kyle, thank you for posting this. my brain is too full for question asking right now, but i’ll hit you up later.