Get Fueled pt. 1

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Today I’m going to share about two sites that I visit often to help me stay fueled (I hope to continue this series for a couple weeks).

First, to know a little about me. I’m not a formally trained “artist” or “designer” (so forgive me if I don’t use the proper terms). I’m a self taught film maker that loves design (yes I have watched the movie Helvetica more than once for entertainment, haha) and art. I have a passion for seeing the Church and anyone that is interested, grabbing art and using it to change the world around them for the better.

Here is a little about two sites that I go to often:

Both sites are the brainchild of musician Scott Hansen ( is his personal blogging site. You can find everything from music, graphic design, and all about Scott’s personal travels. The site gets updated about once a day which keeps things fresh. I really dig his throw back style on design and his love for typography (which I’m obsessed about) and all around “retroness”, I dig.
is a site that Shelby White created that features great design work from all over the web (to see the making of the site go here: I visit this site once a day at a minimun. The content is constantly being updated. What I love about this site is the curation of the content. The content is user generated via a simple bookmark plugin. Meaning that anyone who’s invited to be a member can help generate content. The navigation is super easy, just use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the pages. Once you are a member you can also save the images that inspire you with once click, super easy. The membership is by invite only, this keeps the quality of the work on the site high, which is great.

If you are interested in getting an invite to I would love to give you an invite!
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3. Then await anxiously when we announce a winner in a week!

You have any websites that “fuel” your design?

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Chris Fenner is a film maker, video editor, and a storyteller. He loves beautiful images and a clear message. He creates lasting films and videos. Currently a Tech Director and Media creator for Heritage Church.
  • Audra Krell

    I’m just starting to think about this as I take my blog and therefore my brand to the next level. I’m finishing my first book and need to get my head in the creative design game. Thanks for these great sites, I love the creativity in motion.

    • Kyle Reed

      and there is more to come

  • Jeff Goins

    Just RT’ed:

    I love The 99 Percent ( It’s my default go-to for creative refueling and inspiration.

    • Kyle Reed

      I love that site as well