glow in the dark bracelet

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

here is a email that we got at ciy from one of the kids that attended the tennessee confernce.
i will give a little information first so that it makes sense. this yeasr at ciy we are giving out the lance armstrong bracelets, wel they are like that. they are north carolina blue and they glow in the dark and they say “i am here” on them becuase they go with the theme of the day. so here is the story that we got. it makes all the work that i thought was boring and tedious worth it.

“i attended the tennessee 1 conference this summer and it was absolutely awesome. while i was there, 10 of the teenagers of the 39 that came up from my church were baptized and 11 more adopted children from compassion. it was just awesome. other than to thank you all for your hard work to make ciy possible, i wanted to share something that happened right after we returned from ciy back home.
we were supposed to arrive back home on saturday morning (june 11th), but due to many bus problems, we didn’t make it back until sunday afternoon. we remained in high spirits and were just thankful to be there. we all unloaded, gave our goodbye hugs, and went to our own houses like normal. one of my best friends Kristin Novack gave her life to christ at ciy for the first time. she’d been seeking the fulfillment only God can offer for a long time, so i was so excited for her. she comes from a broken family like i do. parents are divorced and nearlly all of the family are not christians, but we know we have each other. i spent some time with my step father on fathers day, read my bible, unpacked a bit, and called it a night. i got a frantic phone call at 2am that night. she was hysterical on the phone. i could not understandher through the sobbing. she was really upset and i asked her what was wrong. she said “kelsey my dad just shot himself….my dad…he just shot himself.” she lived with her mom jsut a few streets away from me, so she proceeded to try to explain to me what happened, although she was still in shock. crying, she says “why would he do that? he killed himself? kelsey my dad he just shot himself… and now he is dead.” the police had banged on her door just 15 minutes ago and told her that her dad had passed away earlier that evening. Something she could never imagine had happened-her dad had committed suicide on father’s day. i tried to comfort her and keep my emotions to myself and i said “kristin, we’re going to get through this. everything will be alright. i love you and more importantly God loves you. satan sure doesn’t wait long to start attacking God’s new people. but i promise you, we’re going to get through this.” i just let her cry for a while and i called my youth minister. without hesitating he picked me up and we ran to her house to pick her up too. we went to his house to stay because she just needed him. he’s been like a second dad to both of us and it really helped her. when we went to bed that night, i could hear her just crying and crying, so we prayed together and i remembered silence for a while when she leaned over and said “kelsey, your ciy bracelet….its glowing.” i haadn’t taken it off and she could it in the pitched black room when we were trying to rest on the bed around 3:30am, after a ling time of crying. i said “yes, kristi…the light doesn’t go out because God doesn’t leave you..ever…God is always here.” and she finished my sentence saying “even in my very darkest times…” from then on, her bracelet has been a source of inspiration and motivation to persevere and just keep going because she knows that she is never alone. through the tears and hugs a little bracelet provided the most comfort.”

this story was very touching to all of us in the office and i just wanted to relay it on. i think it is amazing how God can use a stupid bracelet that has become a trend to let His children know that He is there.

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • kelsie

    wow that was really cool

  • tush

    Kyle I just have to say that you are my “glow in the dark” bracelet.

  • tyler

    i was going to write something thoughtful, but then “satan attacked” my keyboard and now i can only be sarcastic. how does he always know where to strike?!

  • Mandy

    kyle! i saw your link from Tyler’s blog and thought i’d say hi. I just want to say that you did an amazing job as an intern @ CIY. I’m so glad you’re there and it was good to actually hang out w/ you there!

    I hope your last week goes well! hang in there!