My Journey with Goals

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

As I enter the second week of the semester me and my students have started a journey together. This journey has consisted of pain, suffering, and tears (not actual, fictional). This semester has been something different for all of us. Let me explain….

As I started my first semester of teaching in the year of 2008 August I was perplexed as to what exactly I was going to do. And yet I found out that their was a something that was going to rescue me, curriculum. As I sifted through material that was about as deep as a Jr Highers view of girls or Dispensationalism (same thing in my mind, it all leads to the end) I realized that I was going to have to do my own thing and teach them what I thought they would want to know. This seemed like a good idea, seeing that I was pretty interested in matters of God, I wanted them to grow closer to God and to each other. The way I wanted them to do that was the study of th Old Testament, discussing music and the culture, discussion over certain issues, and a blog where they could make their thoughts known. This went pretty well, at least I think, I did get a PS3 out of the deal, but I started to realize that my class was all about what I wanted them to know and learn. I started to realize that I was making up their goals for them and what they needed to do to get their. You might be seeing what I was seeing, I was creating students to do and say what I thought they should. As I reflected on this over Christmas break I realized that I needed to work with them to accomplish their own goals, and that I needed to help them get their. That is the point of teaching, I think.

So this semester, with the slate wiped clean I laid a new foundation. This foundation was filled with their own goals for the class. We spent a week dialoguing and discussing what they wanted to learn and goals that they could set for themselves. I threw in a couple of my own goals, seeing that I am the teacher and I know what is best for them, but also I am learning right along with them as well. The first week went great, we came up with goals of prayer, in-depth Bible study, purity discussion, longevity, leadership training, and so on. This week we started to work on this idea of tying up the loose ends. We started to go through the process of getting to these goals this semester. We used a method that Brendino Loveless taught me when I worked with him at First Christian Church of Union. A creative process where we flush out ideas. It worked great, but I was missing something. I was still pushing them to things that I thought they could and would accomplish.

So today I put a stop to it. After a long conversation with my Dad last night I came to learn that I first needed to figure out where they were at and what were realistic goals for them to achive. So today, we talked about that, and through the silence and laughter (mainly becuase they were gassy) we got to where they were at and not where I am at. It was awesome.

As I was talking with them today I started to think about my friends and family and where they are at with goals and objectives in life. And so I ask you today to maybe spend some time writing down some goals for yourself. And then writing down where you are at in these goals and where you want to go.

It is only fair that I do this myself. Here is one of my goals for this year:

Prayer—where I am at: a couple of minutes a day——-where i want to go: 10 minutes a day

I am starting small, because I want to be able to achive my goals and move on from there.

So what are your goals and where are you at?


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  • Dad

    Admirable son and honest; spiritual and intentional goal with is godly. I would recommend you and all of us to consider how confident we are in our goals. Such as yours, you are moving from your present goal of praying to God a couple of minutes to 10 minutes on a daily basis. Now how confident are you that you will pray 10 minutes a day (starting when, what time of day and for how many days?)? You can rate your confidence with a number, between 1-10 (10 is highest). If your number is 8 or above, you’ll have a good probability you’ll accomplish your goal. If it is a 7 or below, unlikely to achieve your goal. If a 7 or below, you can ask yourself what your goal would sound like if you changed it to improve your confidence of completing it. Then, what will get in your way from achieving this goal?

  • http://?? Granpa

    I have a different approach that I determined when I read Paul as teaching “Pray without ceasing”. Every time something comes up that needs prayer I pray right then. Perhaps for only for 30 seconds, but this goes on all day in my life. Sometimes I just say a prayer of thanks for the nice warm home I have and pray for those who don’t have a home, or someone I know just needs help so they can have heat. Like today, then I made a conscious effort to help them to have heat.

  • David Mehrle

    Good stuff, Kyle!

    Goals are something I never really thought I would hear you talking about. I am glad you are and in the process challenging your students.

    The other thing I heard as I read was the realization that your students are not where you are and that is okay. I have two books for you to read and a project you classes could help me with for school all related to what you are sharing.

  • The Nameless

    WordPress, eh? Hmmmm