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BW S20053aI know this is going to be a hard story to believe, but if you are skeptical check it here. Meet fu xing, he is pictured on the left here and is the god of happiness. Seems like a nice guy, doing the political thing smiling for the camera with a kid. But for some, he is not just a nice guy, he is a savior.
This dude, Yang Cheng (pictured on the left) helped save a bunch of midgets by petitioning the emperor. Legend has it that the emperor loved midgets, so much so that he wanted to find midgets to come and live with him in his palace. Dazhou, a territory that was packed with midgets was his first place he started to take from(not making this up). Yang Cheng, the Governor of Dazhou, petitioned the emperor and asked for him to not do such a horrible thing to the midgets and their families. Risking his life in writing this letter, the emperor granted his request and the midgets and their families started to worship Yang Cheng and called him the “god of happiness and good luck.”

As much as I love midgets and happiness, I can’t help but be reminded of my petitioning to the god of happiness. You might be wondering why I am using a story about midgets and the god of happiness to talk about reality? Stick in there for a moment. In Isaiah 46 God is speaking to His people. He is talking about all the “gods” that are before them, He describes them as Dead weight, burdens who can’t bear burdens. God goes on to tell His people that He will always be there, He will grow old with them, He will never leave them, He will always be their God. And yet the Israelite, the family of Jacob, followed these gods that “did not talk or carry any burdens” because they could see them, they sat nicely on their shelves and were easy to follow.

I really want to be happy, to the point of being paralyzed. Who doesn’t want to be happy these days?
I often promote happiness as a god, something that I am in search of, and when I find it I hold onto it for as long as I can.
Usually this god seems to go away by the next mornings light. I start my search again for the god of happiness. And yet, I miss the GOD of happiness in this search. I become so consumed by momentary happiness that I become paralyzed by the fact that I could mess it up, that I could make a decision that would ruin my happiness.

The god of happiness runs my life, I feed the god of happiness with lust. The lust of money, power, things, pleasure, insert whatever you want here, I feed my shiny little god with whatever I can get my hands on.
But this god never feeds me back. It always leaves me wanting more, trying to find different ways to feed him, hoping that if I do the right thing the feeling of happiness will make things better. This god of happiness is an idol that I worship, often times I worship more than the true God. But the god of happiness is not real.

My prayer is that I remember that happiness is found in God, the gift of life and grace.
That I remember that happiness is not buying a new computer, happiness is the opportunity to love a God that loves us.


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