Going To Church With Your Sister

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This Sunday I decided to check out the Journey at Missouri Baptist University. I’ve attended the Journey a couple of times in the past and have really been wanting to continue attending but really don’t want to have to drive an hour to get there (save it, I know Jesus went to the Cross and died, its still to far). It was a great service with a very challenging sermon from Darrin Patrick on John 1. Really good stuff.

Not wanting to go by myself I asked if my sister if she wanted to go with me. We arrived fashionable late and strolled into the service to the surprise of a full auditorium (about 300 people). Immediately I felt awkward. I immediately wondered, do these people know she is my sister? As I walked by several people to get to a free seat, I smiled and said hello and was very tempted to tell them that this was my sister, my younger sister, ya know, sister we are related?

Every time I go out in public with just me and my sister I always feel that people think we are dating. I almost want to wear a t-shirt that says “She is my sister, not my girlfriend.” Call me paranoid or call me stupid, but I do know one thing, she is my sister…not my girlfriend.

In light of all the confusion that a sister can have and the possible damage she can cost a guy that is looking for a girl,

here is a survivalist guide to going to church with your sister
Separate yourself by one seat in service making sure to show that you are always open for someone (a special lady) to fill the empty seat.
2) Walk ten feat ahead of her, and whatever you do, do not open any doors for her.
3) When in a group talk about how much WE love our mom, and how great it is that OUR mom taught us about Jesus. You can never go wrong with talking about mom and how she birthed the both of you. You gain awareness that she is your sister but also that you love your mom (always good with the ladies).
4) When told to turn around and great some people in the middle of service make sure to say hello and then say: “And this is my sister….”
5) If you have a family reunion shirt make sure you both wear it when attending a new church.

This is my list.
Would you add anything to it?
What is/was your practices of making others know you are avaliable?


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  • http://twitter.com/joshua_w_hunt @joshua_w_hunt

    #1 you have no excuse for complaining about going by yourself…I told you before I'd be more than happy to go to the Journey with you when you wanted to go…and you didn't call to ask me to go w/ you.
    #2 if you are going to church to pick-up a potential wife/girlfriend, I wouldn't announce it on your blog…of course, it could also be a great advertising tool to use…(hmmmm…)
    #3 you are either showing that you're close to your sister and family is important to you and if a future potential woman doesn't see that, then she's stupid and you shouldn't bother investing time in her…..OR….that really you only want to hang out with your sister when you know you won't potentially be seen by single attractive Godly women
    #4 I'll see ya there next Sunday if you're wanting to go back…I'll save a seat and not judge on who the mysterious girl is that is following 10ft behind you…
    #5 please make Reed Family Reunion t-shirts…that would be amazing and you could make them for cheap and sell them on SJT.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 klreed189

      Couple of things:
      1) We decided to go early that morning so that is why I did not call, sorry for that.
      2) I have announced several times my plans for the summer, my living in my parents basement, etc…but good point.
      3) I am pretty close to my family, I think that shows through. My only concern is that people will think A. that girl is pretty young to be with that (which makes me a creep).
      B. If someone was wondering if I was single or not this could be taken away by my sisters presence
      4) I definitely want to go again this Sunday. They just started a new series over the book of John and it is really really good.
      5) I would love to have a reed family reunion t-shirt but no one in my family likes each other, so that is a problem.

  • http://www.Nikomas.com Nikomas

    just a side not of caution for anyone that tries this:

    "These do not work in Arkansas."

  • http://abundantliving-tracy.blogspot.com/ Tracy

    Got a good laugh out of this.

    But I did say ahhh….when you jokingly said not to open the door for your sister. And, yes, as a mother it is pleasing to read that you get along and do things with your sister.

    When I was single I was always rather shy. Interestingly enough I married a rather forward man; worked for me. But I have a very close friend who is still single and is very outgoing and friendly. From conversations we used to have as well as others I talked with, I've found that single folks always notice the absence or presence of a wedding ring. So, I guess if you're really concerned, just don't wear any rings so to avoid possible confusion.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 klreed189

      thanks for the advice.
      And I usually try to open the door for any girl.