Google’s Mission Statement

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

“Google’s Mission Statement is…
“to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

What a great goal, but is it possible? I am not question gathering the world’s information, I do not see that as being a problem, but can we make it useful, that is the question? Or can we become so concerned with making this useful or caught up in the next tool that is discovered and organized by google that it becomes more about discovery then use?

With the invention of the telegram, content shifted from being found as important and have meaning to pushing as much content across the wire as possible. Neil Postman said this “The principle strength of the telegraph was its capacity to move information, not collect it, explain it, or analyze it.” In turn, truth lost its relevance and postmodernism was born. How did truth lose out? Because so much information was being passed on that it never was evaluated as holding any weight. I think the same can happen inside Christianity. We push out so much information expecting everyone to track along with us that we often forget that they might not understand what we are talking about.

This guy named Thamus (old dude from 1800’s) said this: “In regards to the inventor of writing, “people will receive a quantity of information without proper instruction, and in consequence be thought very knowledgeable when they are for the most part quite ignorant. And because they are filled with the conceit of wisdom instead of real wisdom they will be a burden to society.” What concerned Thamus was not how much we knew but what we understood.

Lets get practical here...
How can we work on not just getting more information but actually understanding the information we get?

How can we make information useful?

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