Got out of the Stands and Into the Dugout

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I hate going to professional baseball games. I love baseball, I played from age 4 to 20, but I hate going to the games.

Why? Because I always had to sit in the stands and not in the dugout. This applies to more things then just baseball…concerts, churches, conferences, and even meetings. I hated to spectate, I wanted to participate. There was something frustrating about not being behind the scenes and apart of the events instead of watching. I wanted to be in the dugout, the backstage, the greenrooms, and even the board room meetings. I felt like I was being left out of something great.

There is an opportunity out that is going to allow you to get out of the stands and into the dugout with some of the biggest leaders around today. Guys like Francis Chan, Pete Wilson, Scott Harrison (from Charity Water) and my new favorite leader Scott Belsky will be there.

What could this possibly be?

It is Backstage Leadership.

I told you that you could get into the dugout or actually get backstage. One of my friends and mentors Greg Darley has started a movement that creates intimate environments for exponential growth. Here is more from their site:

We (Backstage Leadership) believe this happens best in smaller environments. By adding small group coaching, networking and accountability to amazing speakers, you get a recipe for huge leadership growth.

Each month you get to ask amazing leaders like Chuck Colson and Dan Cathy any question you want. But the learning process does not end there. Unlike other learning opportunities that stop at information, we help you get to application. Each month, our coaches help all participants find ways to apply what they are learning and then hold them accountable.

Seriously, this is an amazing opportunity to be mentored and guided.

If you are interested in signing up go here and tell them I sent you.

If you would like to learn more about Backstage Leadership go here.

If you would like to check out a great blog from the guy that started Backstage Leadership, Greg Darley, check out his blog here (especially this post he did yesterday, epic).

Question: Who is mentoring you now?


This is NOT a sponsored post nor did I get paid for writing this post. Simply, I like Greg and I like what he is doing and wanted to tell you the readers about this great opportunity.

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  • David Mehrle


    This looks really good. Just too expensive as are so many of the mentoring opportunities out there.


  • Dewitt

    Thanks for sharing Kyle!

  • Ben

    Yea I agree with David. If I am not mistaken Kyle, weren’t you upset about mentoring programs charging so much money?

    I would really like some of these “big-name” leaders work at finding an affordable way to reach more people. I can’t imagine they are hurting for money but that is just my perspective.

    • Kyle Reed

      I have said that in the past but that was in reference to individual coaching networks ran by the individual. I view this as different.
      In my opinion this is more of a college type thing. You know paying money to audit a class on leadership or even taking a seminary class.

      I can see the price thing being an issue. But I think this is more for church leaders who get a budget for education etc…

      • Ben

        I don’t think their site makes that very clear. If that is the case then I can kinda see this as a valuable tool, though I am not certain how some of the speakers fit that mold.

        But, I know you are connected to one of the people doing it, so I know you’re heart is to support them. If I were connected I would probably be just as supportive.

        • Kyle Reed

          well i don’t think they are specifically set up like a college class etc…(I think you actually get more out of this then you would going to a college or seminary class) but that is how i would treat it.