Guest Post: A Sisters View of Her Big Brother

Kamrie Reed // @kylereed

Guest post for my little sister Kamrie. Check out her blog and minister here at I guess this is her birthday present to me.

Ok Kyle! I would just like to start this guest post with the fact that today is my big brother’s birthday. First off Happy Birthday the big 24, just think one more year and you will be 25 which is half way to 50, which is half way to 100. Crazy.

Side note: I always thought it was really weird to realize your siblings getting older when really you look at them and you still see them as a highschooler.

So little background on me. I am obviously one of Kyle’s younger sisters, my name is Kamrie. I am guest posting on one particular way Kyle has affected my life.

I would like to start off with a “common scenario” of what happened in our family when the kids play a game.

Kyle, being in control because he is the oldest, usually would have three steps to get a game going:

1. Kyle would come into our “play room” where my sister, Kelsie and I were playing Barbie’s
2. He would manipulate Kelsie into playing some sort of sport, athletics’ required game. Once she was in, so was I. (these games would consist of hockey with tennis rackets, basketball football style, and occasionally wrestling on our parents water bed or reinacting WWE matches)
3. Next was teams (Kyle vs. all)

Now here is where the scenario kind of turns, once one match was over and Kyle lost he would beg us to play another. However, Kelsie knew better than to play another game for fear of getting physically hurt from the flying balls.

Kyle trying to plea us into more games would turn to me, a poor little inocensent 6 year old and say… “Come on little baby, You can’t beat me again….”

Of course, I gave in and started another type of competitive physical game. I only lost about 95% of the time to my older stronger brother. Then I would storm up the steps run to my room and cry.

This scenario happened tons of times at our house throughout my childhood.  The reason I bring this up is to display how much my brother always pushes me. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all. Kyle and I are exactly alike. We act the same, listen to the same music, and sometimes say the same things. We have always in a way pushed each other in a good way. What I mean by this is that he unknowingly challenged me to go out of my comfort zones, think differently, and live differently.
Just like when we played games, he would always challenge me to continue in something or work harder until I finally am able to succeed. I may not always beat him but at the same time I know I am being challenged to risk everything instead of just quitting while I am ahead.

Kyle you have always paved the way for Kelsie and I by challenging both of us to live life to the fullest.

No matter what you are doing we will always look to you as someone who would guide us and pave the way for us.

So Kyle on your 24th birthday I would like you to let me challenge you with a couple of things
FIRST— Relieze you are old…just kidding
SECOND—-Strive to love life and know in God’s eyes you are successful
THIRD—- Continue to seek and pursue God even when he seems like he is nowhere to be seen
I love you bro. I am glad I have been able to know you for so long and thank you for helping me to push myself when I don’t always want to. You have ignorantly paved the way for me to love God and follow in your footsteps.

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