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I thought it would be good to hear from a recovering closet blogger and commenter. I asked Jason Rallis to write a post for me to end this series out. You can read Jason’s blog here and find him on twitter here. Thank you Jason….Now enjoy what he has to say, and then comment.


First I’d like to start by thanking Kyle for asking me to guest post on his blog.  It has been cool sharing some thoughts with him about commenting and leaving replies on blogs. I think we share similar thoughts and frustrations.  I’d like to share some of my thoughts.

Why I used to NOT comment:
1.        Pure laziness.  Plain and simple, I was too lazy.  Which really means I’m telling the author of the blog I just read, “thanks for your time and effort it writing but it didn’t mean enough for me to take 2 minutes and leave a comment.”
2.       Lack of interest in the topics.  Sometimes I just do not have anything to say about what I just read.  Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the author’s time in writing or anything like that but I just flat out have no comment.  And rather than leave a generic ‘thanks for sharing those thoughts’ or ‘hey man awesome post, keep’um coming’ I just sit in silence.  I don’t think silence is a negative reaction, unless it’s the only action.
3.       Didn’t know how.  Ok, so this one is a copout answer.  I didn’t know how to post a comment for the first 5 seconds on the first day I read my first blog.  But the way blogs are setup these days this should no longer be a reason.
4.       Didn’t think my ‘vote counted.’  Thinking the author of the blog I’m reading doesn’t know or care if I’m reading it.  Or I’d think that so many other people did or will comment on this post why do I need to be one more person.  My vote didn’t count.

Why I now actively comment: (This answer isn’t a bullet form answer)
I believe it does the author a disservice to read their material and follow their blog and never say anything.  That’s like a one way conversation.  You wouldn’t sit across the table from a friend and let him talk at you and then sit in silence once he finished his story. You almost always have something to respond back with.  As an author I know how I feel when not receiving any comments, but then having friends reference my blog topics in person and have tons to say about it.  It’s not that I need a self-esteem boost or anything like that, it’s just when no one comments it begins to feel like no one is even reading or cares.  I truly believe in online community.  That’s how I met and am getting to know Kyle.  Now, that’s not to say I think everyone should shut their doors to reality and sit on their office computer and never have real life interaction.  No! Honest real life relationships are key in life I believe.  Online fellowship/community and relationships can be real and honest too, just different.  Alright, I’m getting off track.  So showing the author you care and appreciate their thoughts and time in blogging would be reason the first.  Reason the second would be online community and building relationships.  Blogging and commenting is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.  Also it’s great because it works in your time frame.  You can log onto the computer at 1am or 1pm and leave the same comment at either time of the day.  Unlike calling your friend who lives on the other side of the US or World at odd hours of the day/night.  Reason the third would be sharing knowledge or information.  The author posts about a subject or topic and then you (the reader) reads it and has information to share, then share it.  When I read something if I have a thought about what I’ve read I simply say it.  A lot of times that might spring thoughts for another reader and then prompt them to comment as well.  If you have the thought in your head, you should say it. (or well….type it I guess)

Life Out Loud.
I think life was meant to be lived out loud.  No one likes or wants to be bottled up inside.  I believe we were created for community and fellowship.  In the technology age we live in now I feel we have been blessed with the advancement of communication.  Now we can live out loud to more than just the community we directly live in.  Blogging is a perfect way to do that, but only if you actively post and comment.

Closet Blogging.
I used to be a closet blogger.  I’d post my blog posts, read my friends blogs, slurp on my huge glass of milk and call it a day.  I also never met anyone knew, prolly made some bloggers think I didn’t care, and was not living out loud while online.  I have a very social personality and love people.  It made no sense for me to be outgoing in person, then shy quiet online.  Only when I started really posting on my own blog did I understand the need for commenting on others blogs. I’d urge you (whether you’re a blogger yourself or just a reader) to start commenting on the blogs you read.  Life Out Loud…just be real.

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  • klreed189

    I think point 4, didn't think your vote counted, is something that holds a lot of us back. Thinking that it really doesn't matter what you say or that no one cares is pretty common (at least I have noticed). It helps me when the author of the blog responds back to your comment, that gives you some affirmation.

    I am glad that we were able to meet up this way and can continue in conversation.
    Good stuff

    • JRallis


      Heh. Thanks for that picture. It fits perfect. I don't know why I didn't think about that.

  • KRallis


    I loved the post! (And I'm making it a point to comment on it). ;) You did great honey! And a BIG thanks to Kyle for asking you to post… that's part of the fun of online community! =)