Here is a Box, Go Ahead and Say Something

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I love soap boxes.
Its a time where someone gets to say something unexpected. I think the reason why I love them so much is that I tend to find anything to stand on so my voice is heard. Later today this blog will be my soap box. But for now I want to give you the floor.

What is something that you need to say?

Get on your soap box and speak.


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Kyle Reed

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Kyle Reed is a connector looking to connect with others. A 20 Something that is blogging his way through life and looking to connect through community. Also a team member of the 8BIT Network and brand evangelist. Find me on twitter: @kylelreed, lets chat.
  • Jon Smith

    I hate mayonnaise. I used to love it, but in the last few weeks, I’ve learned to hate it.

    Do you know how they make mayonnaise? It’s basically egg yolks and oil. Would you normally whip up some eggs and oil and put it in a jar at room temperature for a few weeks?

    Not a big deal, but I’ve wanted to tell somebody my new disdain for mayo for a few days now.

    • Kyle Reed

      Well I hate eggs, so I am with you. Sounds gross.

      • Shelby

        I looooooooove eggs.

  • Shelby

    but besides my love for eggs this is what i would like to say specifically to my older brother.
    Big brother,
    you have let me down, and disappointed me, and I frankly think the way you’re living your life right now is STUPID and you really really are WAY too smart to drop out of college and live off our grandparents (who already busted their butts for years to provide so much for us when they didn’t have too) and not do anything with your life because you’d rather party with your friends, who are really crappy influences too and your one friend needs to stop sleeping in my room when I’m not home and leaving their crap all over my room and moving and unplugging my stuff. and now that friend has gotten you to start smoking cigarettes so woo now you’re shortening your life span some more.
    Its just really frustrating cause you always told me to be smart and be tough and strong and stand up for myself and never let people push me around. and I listened to your words and I held onto them and it encouraged me.
    But you refuse to listen to me and it breaks my heart bubba.
    But I will keep praying for you, and hope you will open your eyes and get back with God and stop being so careless with your life.

    I’ve now sat here re-reading this and wondering if i should publish it, he’ll never see it. and I’ve never told anyone how i feel about his decisions and its a bunch of run on sentences with bad punctuation but its all my true thoughts. I never have been so angered by someone I love so much.
    so here goes..

    • Kyle Reed

      Thank you for sharing and I am glad you hit publish.
      I can see the emotion in those run on sentences.
      And to be honest with you, being a big brother to two sisters I can relate. I am sorry to hear that he is making you angry. Sounds like he is struggling to find his identity and what he wants to do. I have been there and am still there. But he is lucky to have a sister that cares enough to even notice, let alone pray for him.
      I hope things change.

      • Shelby

        Sadly i don’t think he realizes at all how he is hurting me and my grandparents, and himself too. But I’m really hoping things will change and I know God can do that

  • Zac

    Wow, this was something I needed… Before I step on my soapbox let me set the stage…
    My wife and I have been praying for a long time (at least a year) if we were to leave our current church and finally in the last few months have finally been feeling that God is telling us to leave. We waited another two months before we truly felt it was God telling us this. It has been confirmed to us through several things. So now that we feel it is time to look at other churches my wife didn’t want to feel like we were sneaking around so I told the pastor what God had told us. He said he wanted to have a meeting and that he felt we were being deceived. Then Sunday morning he preached a sermon where I was quoted directly (without mentioning my name) word for word what I had told him. Saying we were deceived and didn’t know it. That unless he had heard from God that we were to leave that we were losing our covering (aka the Hand of God on our lives).
    And… Scene

    How dare you be spiritual abusive to us and others. Not that church is always supposed to make you feel good about yourself or anything, but never has it been so awkward and unwelcoming. How dare you try to scare us into staying. How dare you imply that we aren’t able to hear from God. How dare you imply that only you can hear from him on such matters and that we are just simpletons. How dare you mock us for not being spiritual enough to make this decision. How dare you try to call people unspiritual because they haven’t lead someone to Christ this year. Ever hear of planting seeds? How dare you bring up the complaint of not having anything for my 4 year old son on Wednesday nights. “If you want something for your kids start something.” How is that going to happen when we are supposed to be helping with the youth group. Then you go and tell a story about how when your kids were little they sat in the front row at church and then would go home and play church and preach to each other. Kudos to you, but how dare you use the phrase “because they know that the Lord was number one in mommy and daddy’s lives.” Are you saying that parents whose kids are not in the front row are not putting God first?

    So tell me how can we ever go back… to say goodbye… or anything. Apparently we are “losing our covering” by leaving without you knowing beforehand.

    End RANT

    I need to stop… I could type about this for hours. I feel a little better. Not sure if I really should publish this, but that is what your soapbox was for… Therapy. I ask that anyone who reads this to please pray for my wife and I as we begin to see what God has in store for us and that he will show us what if anything we are supposed to do in order to say goodbye to the Church we have gone to for over 6 years.

    • Kyle Reed

      Dude, wow. I am very sorry to read this but glad that some healing can come from just saying. I often find that true for myself. Just being able to voice my opinion and then moving on helps a ton. A place to kind of mind dump.

      That sounds like a very tough place to be. And in all honesty sounds like God is now speaking very clearly to you and your wife to move on. I really hope some healing can come from this and you can feel at peace about this.
      This community will be in prayer for you.

    • Shelby

      People are so good at breaking our hearts aren’t they.
      I am very sorry you’re having to deal with this. Definitely will be praying for you and your family

  • Jason

    Weird…I posted something earlier and it didn’t come up. Guess the internet gremlins ate it. :)

    OK…up on the box with an expanded rant from before…

    Right now at a truckstop somewhere in America a teenage girl is being forced to have sex with a strange man to put fifty bucks in the pocket of her pimp. This same girl has been raped hundreds of times to feed whatever habit her “man” is addicted to…

    But you won’t talk about it in your church.

    You won’t mention it to your friends.

    You stick your fingers in your ears and say “lalalalala” when I try to talk to you about it because you don’t want to know that girls are being trafficked in Nashville a few miles from your upper middle class neighborhood.

    These women…these teen girls…are creations of God and you would rather live in a fantasy world where this kind of thing can’t happen where you are right now? Is that because if you allow yourself to puncture that perfect aura you might feel the guilt you’ve been suppressing when it comes to doing ANYTHING to help them?

    What do I and other abolitionists have to do to make you realize that helping these women escape their slave masters is what God wants Christians to be doing? You don’t have to get out on the front lines but for crying out loud you can talk to a friend about something you learned. You can help shine some light in a very dark place and you can even skip a double shot mocha soy latte once a week and give $20 a month to groups that are saving these women.

    Why does this subject bother you so much???

    (getting off soapbox now)

    Thanks for the box, Kyle. Hope I didn’t dent it too badly.

    • Kyle Reed

      Powerful words that need to be heard not ignored.
      Lets start a movement of people taking their fingers out of their ears. Thanks for sharing.

      • Jason

        The woman who did that to me came along later and apologized for her behavior. She has three daughters and didn’t want to think they might be at risk for being a victim.

    • Zac

      Powerful rant! You are right that this is the kind of stuff Christians should be concerned about instead of worrying about stupid political infighting that never solves any issues. Do you have any links for these groups?

      • Jason

        I do but if I put links here they go to Kyle’s spam filter. :) If you click on my name it’ll take you to my page where I have a gaggle of links.

        • Kyle Reed

          No, they will work. Go ahead and put them up. I actually would like to share them

    • Shelby

      I just wanna jump up and down and HUG you!
      SOOO happy to hear someone else speaking about the issue of human trafficking!
      I just did a research paper on it for one class and a speech on it in public speaking.
      and I’ve been talking to everyone I can about it and it really is RIDICULOUS how many people stick their fingers in their ears and lalala and pretend its not real when it is!

      • Jason

        Consider this a virtual hug. :)

        • Shelby


  • Josh

    Dear American Idol,

    You should have ended a couple seasons ago. I almost single-handedly blame you for ruining most music. Those kids would never sing the music you make them sing on that show…that is, for the ones who can really sing. But, AI, this is not my biggest complaint. That would be:


    I love Coca-Cola. Sure, it’s bad for me to drink it all the time, but I love it. You know, American Idol, that you shape culture. I mean, look at men and the flat iron…leave Coke alone.
    Sincerely, Josh.

    • Kyle Reed

      Now that is a rant, beautiful.
      And why couldn’t they use something that matches AI’s suckiness, like pepsi :)

  • Jensa

    Education! I am so sick and tired of it being underestimated, under-budgeted, and over-enforced by ignorant politicians who make stupid rules.

    I heard of a group of parents who were homeschooling their children–their idea of ‘homeschool’ is basically: “we let the kid do whatever he/she wants. There are no rules. There is no hierarchy. If my child wants to learn Algebra, they’ll do it themselves. If they want to play video games all day, they are free to choose that.”

    Shoot, who needs school when you’ve got potato chips and the Wii?

    Someday, these children will wake up from their drunken stupor in the basement of their parents’ house from which they never moved out and realize that they’d been robbed. Not by a burglar, but by their own parents, who should’ve known enough to empower with knowledge, not with egoism and anarchy, which are not powers at all.