How do you describe nothing?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

A lot of people ask me why this blog is called “thoughts about nothing?”
I wish I had a cool story about how that name came about. To be honest I stared blogging my junior year of high school. When I signed up for blogger I needed a blog title, I put in the first thing that came to my head…thoughts about nothing. Maybe I was trying to say that my thoughts meant a whole lot of nothing, or maybe I was trying to say that these thoughts are going to be about a whole lot of nothing. To be honest I really do not know what I was thinking at the time. All I knew was that I had a blog and had a place to share something.

Over the years, Thoughts About Nothing has grown into what some might think are Thoughts About Something. Most of the time my thoughts are scattered, misguided and often confusing, but they are something, right? Well it depend on how you define something. In all reality these thoughts contain simple stammerings from a guy that does not claim to have it all figured out, who is constantly searching for conversation. I think that is where the Thoughts About Nothing comes into play. See if I said it was Thoughts About Something it would seem that I had it all figured out, like I had something to tell you. I think it is good that it is called Thoughts About Nothing.
It constantly reminds me that I do not have it figured out.

All the professional bloggers say to have a successful blog you must give your readers something. It does not matter how well you write or how good your content is, it all comes back to what you can give the reader. I can see that, I would much rather read a well written book then a blog of a 23 year old.
I started to think about what my blog offered. I have not written any books, spoke at any conferences, written any music, mastered technology or just plain made people laugh. I am simple a guy that blogs to see if others are thinking the same thing about life. All those things that I listed above are great and that is why those people have thousands of readers, but that is not who I am, and I am okay with that.

I would describe thoughts about nothing as the place where conversation happens. Some of my favorite times of being a student ministry intern was sitting in my buddy Nate Johnson’s office and just talking about life. I am sure that he got annoyed with me, wanted me to even leave at times, but I will never forget those times. I remember trying to figure out ways to get into his office so I could just sit there and talk with him. I would talk about anything, I just wanted to talk about life and hear what he was thinking.
I have realized that this blog offers you and me a place to chat. This blog is that late night sitting around a fire and just talking, or sitting in a coffee shop shootin the breeze, or the times spent in a college dorm room talking about the future. These are the times that I love the most and the times that I learn the most. Its okay that I am not an expert, none of us really are. Simply we are learning from our mistakes, learning from others mistakes, and in the process learning about the grace of God.
I hope that Thoughts About Nothing has become and will continue to be a place where friends chat about life.

What is your favorite place to just chat about life?


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Tom

    In high school, the majority of summer nights (no jokes about Grease or John Travolta here!) were spent sitting in my parents driveway hanging out.

    In college, my roommates and I lived in this old house in downtown Atlanta right across the road from school. At least once a week, we ended up sitting on the front porch late at night watching the traffic and chatting it up.

    Now, sometimes it's at a coffee shop, sometimes it's sitting in our living room, sometimes it's during small group, and sometimes it's even online.

    • Kyle Reed

      All of those times always seem to have one element….they all center around taking time to chat.
      I think that is the biggest thing, taking the time to just relax and put away the business of life.
      I am sure you had some great conversations on that porch.

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  • Brett Barner

    I've noticed that fires tend to bring out conversation. Sit everyone in front of a fire and they feel comfortable to share what's on their mind. Considering putting a fire in the middle of the youth room…

  • Tyler

    I think it should be Thoughts about Something. Because 'nothing' implies the content is meaningless or not worth discussing (which clearly contradicts what your blog is about). I think what you are trying to avoid is "Answers to Everything" which implies you know it all.

    But heck…how are you going to go changing your name after all these years? How about this: Kyle Frikkin Reed's Blog, Biotches!

  • Kyle Reed

    That is the problem as well, I cannot change after all these years.

    And I checked, that url is already taken unfortunately.