How DVR has ruined our Generation

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

DVR is an amazing invention (sure it is an adaption of tivo, but I have DVR so that is all I know).
Seriously, being able to selectively watch TV is awesome. I find myself taping things that I probably would have never have watched before.
DVR has changed the way that I view television and in all reality has changed the way I view life

We all have a perception of how things should be. This is how we know what is right and wrong with the world. We know that people should not be suffering and so we do something to make that right. As well,  in life we know that we want to be happy and satisfied, when this is not happening we try to find ways to make life better. Don’t believe me, think about all those times you have heard those commercials on TV that call you to buy this product and you will feel better, or take this pill and you will lose weight, or wear these clothes and you will be cool. We are subjected to 3,000 advertisements daily, telling us that happiness is a click away. Yet it never satisfies, it never gives us enough to make us stop looking for how to make things right. The DVR is to blame for all of this.

What is the number one thing about the DVR system that makes it so appealing? I would have to say the chance to pause live television and watch whenever you want. That is so cool. I usually will pause a sporting event, take 30 minutes off and then have some time built up so that I can fast forward between the commercials. That leads me to the next great feature, the controls. Amazingly you are provided with a rewind and fast forward button that gives you a chance to control what you watch and how fast you watch it. The DVR is an amazing machine, but I wonder if it is screwing up our lives. How you might ask? Mainly because it is teaching us that we can fast forward through the boring, mundane stuff, to get to the good stuff. In my experience this seems to be way more of a fantasy then a reality.

I still haven’t found the fast forward button (or for that matter the rewind button) for life.
Trust me, I have looked everywhere and I still have not found that little button that makes watching tv so enjoyable. And yet we are told that control is at our fingertips, that we can choose to do what we want and do it when we want. I have found myself often listening to music, waiting in line for a coffee or sometimes even in a conversation wanting to hit the fast forward button to get past all the boring stuff and get to the fun. This can often be said about my daily life as well. I find myself wanting to fast forward life to the “good stuff” to the happy moments where I get what I want and am “successful.” Sure, maybe I am blaming an innocent piece of technology. But I truly think that after a while, being in control often spins your life out of control.

How do we live in boring moments? In the mundane, routine, no fun, repeat parts of life that no one ever talks about? I never read any books that talk about this, or see any television shows that show people sleeping. Its boring. My sister use to love watching a show called “The OC” If you have seen this show you know that they followed around high school kids who were living in the OC and were having fun. What they did not show you was them in class, or sitting on the coach watching TV, or reading a book for that matter. You never witnessed them living a normal life. They made you believe that life is never boring and that cool stuff is happening all the time. That you can be like this with the click of a button and then things will be okay.

Maybe instead of trying to get to the moments that we want to see,
we focus on the moments that we are living right now.

Maybe we start to learn to live in the quietness of life that is happening now and learn to live with God instead of living with our own personal life remote.

Do you find yourself focusing more on fast forwarding life or hitting play and living life?


PS: sorry for all the serious post, tomorrow will be a light hearted and fun. I promise.

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Brett Barner

    I totally get what you're saying. I felt the same way for a long time. Then I get married, and now I'm stomping around trying to find the brakes on this life thing. Breathe in the moments where you can catch your breath. Life is a marathon, and there's a lot of running left to do.

    • Kyle Reed

      I like that, breathe where you can breathe. You are right, life is a marathon and there is a lot of running left to do.
      Good words

  • Tyler_Braun

    Good observations Kyle. I agree that the mundane of life is what our generation overlooks as invaluable. This is a tragedy because it is what made previous generations relational with one another.

  • Breanne McLendon

    I saw a comment you made on SCL and it made me life. So, I thought I should come check out your blog! I really enjoyed this post b/c it speaks so many truths. We do not really know how to live in the moment. We (or at least I know for me) are constantly looking at the next big thing. We are planning for the next big event or waiting for the next big step in our life. There always has to be something. I loved the comparsion to the OC. It is like that with all the reality tv shows. I have said numerous times that my life is not that exciting to have my own show but if it was in fact reality, neither would their lives. Okay, so I guess I can step off my soap box for now! Thanks for writing this b/c I really needed to hear it today!

    • Kyle Reed

      Thanks for stopping in and comment Breanne.
      You are right, often times are lives feel boring compared to others but I have found that we often skip over the boring parts of their life as well and just look at the cool stuff they are doing.
      I am with you, I am constantly looking for the next big thing, often that leaves me very disappointed when it is over or for that matter when I do not get to do big things.
      Look forward to more conversation to come.