How Foursquare Helped Me Give $900 To Charity

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I love coffee and I love to read. When I get to combine the two magic happens, at least in my mind. About two years ago I started a habit of spending every morning at a certain location reading, working, and having community. It took me a while to narrow down the exact space, but quickly started to see that Crema would be my spot. There is something in the walls of this old muffler shop that bring me back every single day. It could be the great coffee, the great people, or maybe it is the environment. Whatever it is, I continue to return every single day.

Last week I celebrated a bit of a milestone

Foursquare @CremaCrema

That is right, over the past two years I have checked into Crema 400 times. It has turned into a daily habit that I am there every morning at 7am when the doors open and spend about 2 hours a morning, reading, writing and conversating. But in my 400 check-ins I never thought I would learn that they had a bit more meaning then me just buying some coffee.

I received this @ reply from Crema on Wednesday and you can imagine I was definitely interested to see what my 400 check-in milestone reward could be.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 1.16.28 PM

I walked into Crema on Saturday to grab two coffees to go for me and Ginny because we had a big day of estate sales to get to (check this find out). As I waited in line I saw the owner Rachel behind the counter. We struck up conversation and started talking about my addiction to their coffee shop and then she told me some news that caught me completely off guard.

“Because you have checked in 400 times we wanted to do something to honor that. We would like to take the money you have spent on coffee here and donate it to your favorite charity.”

I will be honest, I thought maybe I was going to get a free mug or cup of coffee, I did not see Crema donating over $900 to any charity of my choosing.

It was one of those moments where you remember just how big life (and God) truly is and the things that we thought were important don’t seem to be important anymore.
I was more then honored to be a part of such an amazing idea.

So this week, Crema will be donating $900 to Cross Point Student Ministries scholarship campaign for students to go to camp this summer. 

And that is the tale of how Foursquare helped me donate $900 to my favorite charity through the help of Crema.

Author Note: If you are ever in Nashville, Crema is a must stop. They have amazing coffee (get the cuban) and some of the nicest people. It is truly a place to visit, spend time in and enjoy. Tell them I sent you


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • brianfalexander

    This is awesome. There is a place like that here in CLT. I’ve only been there once, but im sure they would do something like this if I reached 400 check-ins. How long do you think that would take?

    • @kylereed

      well it took me two years almost of going as much as I could. Ive checked in at Cross Point over 500 times

  • Nathan Duvall

    That’s incredible Kyle. So awesome. And on a side note… what’s also awesome is seeing how God’s been working in your life. I haven’t been online consistently for almost 2 years now, but I’ve been following you before you ever moved to Nashville and it’s obvious God’s got his hand in your life and is doing some amazing things through you. Congratulations on the engagement too by the way. What an awesome season of life you’re walking in!

    • @kylereed

      Really appreciate that Nathan. Very encouraging words that help. I am loving the journey God is bringing me on. Just excited to be a part of movement.

  • @kylereed

    Really appreciate that Nathan. Very encouraging words that help. I am loving the journey God is bringing me on. Just excited to be a part of movement.

  • lindseyrnobles

    Love this Kyle!

    • @kylereed

      ya completely caught me off guard

  • Justin and Trisha

    This is awesome. Love it.

    • @kylereed

      ya it is

  • IS

    What an unexpected way God used your love for coffee and reading! How awesome!!
    I wonder if Whole foods will do something like that with my 185 check ins..I probably need 215 more…

    • @kylereed

      that would be awesome

  • AJ

    This is an amazing thing for Crema to do…but you could have picked any charity! You could have fed people, clothed people, housed people…and you chose to send a kid to Christian camp?? Wow…sad.

    • @kylereed

      The hard part with this AJ is that you have no context to what you are calling sad. Let me provide just a bit. Last year we offered over 15 scholarships for students to go to camp. Out of those scholarships 6 of those students accepted Christ and were baptized a month later. From that group they have brought several friends from their school to church…every single Sunday. from those kids that are being brought to church they are choosing to get baptized on February 3rd.

      So ya, I could have probably given that money to feed some kids. But I chose to let me other charitable gifts (like my compassion kid, my support of an orphanage in nicaragua, and the organization Global Mission Support) take care of that stuff that you mentioned.

      With this gift I decided to donate it to kids that could have their lives changed forever by accepting Christ and go on to impact the world.

      In fact, here is the story of one of those students. I would encourage you to watch this video and then let me know if this idea is still sad.

  • Ashley

    holy smokes! it’s so easy these days to think all companies believe business is all BUSINESS, but obviously crema proves that wrong! restores a little faith in humanity, doesn’t it? :)

    • @kylereed

      Yes, they definitely are an amazing place full of humanity

  • Holly Jackson

    That is unbelievably awesome….God is good isn’t he!

    • @kylereed

      yes God is good

  • Grant Jenkins

    Wow! I love this, Kyle!

    • @kylereed

      thanks grant. cool to see how God works

  • Adam

    That is awesome! Love to hear great stories like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jake Kohlmeyer

    This is great! More businesses need to follow this model! I’ll definitely have to go to Crema the next time I’m in Nashville!

  • Hannah

    Congrats Kyle! This is awesome!!! Love how you used it to help kids in our church have an inspiring week to encourage them to go be world changers!!!