How the Tour de France and Bachelorette are Teaching Me About Life

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Every summer, around the beginning of July, my DVR goes into exhaustion. I record over four overs of programming each day. Why so much? One thing, the Tour de France. I know I know, its bike racing, how can that be interesting? I use to think the same thing, that was until the strategy was explained to me. Once I understood that each and every day built on itself and the story line that was taking place right on your TV set I was hooked.

As I was programing my DVR today for the Tour de France, I realized that July is right around the corner. For some this can be very exciting. I know I am excited because my birthday is in July, I know that high school students are not excited because it only means the start of school is closer. As excited as I am for my birthday, July marks the one year mark that I have been without a job. Over the last year my ideas, plans, and thoughts have changed over and over. I never thought I would be in this place, especially when I was 18 and thinking about my future.

But the journey of life tends to do that to you.

The thing I love about the Tour de France is they realize it is a marathon not a sprint. When each day starts the group starts together. Sometimes, a couple of guys will take off on their own and separate from the pack. They tend to try and go on their own to win the stage for that day, but the guys that want to win the race conserve their energy, stay with the group, and save it for the end. The guys that are focused on winning the stage understand that they are not going to win the Tour de France and know that winning a stage could be the biggest accomplishment of their entire Tour de France. But the guys that are the contenders are focused on the bigger prize, being the maillot jaune (pronouced like miyo jon) which is the guy that wears the yellow jersey and is the leader. Usually the guys that take off on their own are caught, rarely do they finish without having the help of the group.

One thing that is always fun to watch for in the Tour de France are crashes. This are unexpected and usually very painful. These tend to happen around sharp and unexpected turns. If the bikers are not careful, these turns can get the best of them. They cant manipulate the turns to their liking, they have to take them as they come. Like bike racing, life seems to be more about taking each turn as they come. I often get caught up going out and trying to look ahead to the straight aways. What I am learning from all the “crashes” that I have suffered over the last year is turns and bends in the road are unexpected and unpredictable. Its easy to try and get ahead of them or even try to get ahead of God, but its hard to get back up when you fall.

As I write this post, I am sitting in my living room while my sister watches the bachelorette. My first reaction to the show, where do I sign up? But as I thought about the show and the opportunity to win the love of a girl, I realized that love and life cannot be forced into 12 episodes spanning the summer. Relationships…life….love….take time that develops through turns and curves. They are not packaged into a 1 hour episode made for television. The Tour de France is 21 days long, covers more than 3,500 kilometres (2,200 mi), and is one of the most difficult athletic competition to take part of. Life is more like the Tour de France then the Bacheloreet.

Maybe you are like me and need to take the turns as they come to you not as you want them to be.


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  • kevin

    Well said sir. I’ve been without cable for a little over a year. Most days, I don’t miss it. During July, that changes. I love watching the TdF. My wife thinks I’m crazy to watch guys ride bikes for hours, but I can’t get enough. As a cyclist, I’m amazed at their pace, strength, endurance and strategy. On a deeper level, I love what it teaches us (me) about life. Such a great event.

    • Kyle Reed

      Cannot wait until July 3rd and team Radio Shack (I think it starts July 3rd).
      It is going to be tough beating Cancellara (spelling?)

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  • Grant Jenkins

    great post, bro! I can certainly relate to all this.

    • Kyle Reed

      At least we are not alone on this feeling.

  • Kirk Bolen

    Yeah I think back over the last year also and see some crazy turns, a lot of things I didnt expect. I think I have seen God in those crazy turns and learned a good bit about following Him.

    I am excited about TDF also, probably not as much as you.
    Also I have been reminiscing about four years ago, making pastoral calls to your house to watch world cup. Good times. Cant believe that was 4 years ago.

    • Kyle Reed

      It is cool to see how those turns have developed and worked out in your life. And I think you could say the same for me.

      ya that was awesome watching the world cup here. It is weird that it has been four years, seems like it was just last year. I wish you were here for tomorrows game for the Untied States

  • Alexandria

    Cannot wait until July 3rd and team Radio Shack (I think it starts July 3rd).
    It is going to be tough beating Cancellara (spelling?)