How To Miss A Layup

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

How do you miss a layup? By assuming that it is easy.

There is nothing more embaracing then messing something up that is suppose to be easy. Just ask anyone who has failed. They know what it means to have gone into a situation thinking nothing could go wrong only to walk away with their head held low. Failure has a way of humbling us, but it also has a way of showing us that nothing is easy.

In life I have had what I often call “layups.” Situations that seemed so basic and easy that I could not miss or mess up. On the surface everything looks great, but below the surface awaits pain, frustration and confusion. Because missing a layup produces all kinds of questions and responses.

  • What happened?
  • It seemed so easy?
  • Did it slip out of my hands?
  • What distracted me?
  • Why did I take my eye off of the goal?

I think layups cause us to relax. They cause us to think something is going to be easy. But as we all know, life is not easy. Life is not filled with layups and wide open lanes to drive through. Life is messy, life is not what is expected. Life is not a layup.

But it is okay that life is not a layup. It is okay that we mess up the “easy” things in life. Because in those moments we move from our own dependance to a place of reliance on God.

Have you ever gone into a situation expecting a layup when it was really a half court prayer?


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  • Josh

    Dude, I just published a blog post five minutes ago on simply believing vs. relying on God…..then I read this post.

    Good timing, I suppose.

    Count me in as someone who expects most things to be a layup. Marriage, moving across country and trying to find community, church, job, ministry…the list goes on and on.

    You are right: Nothing is easy. Jesus told us that, too. But, he said it was worth it. I’m banking on that.

    • Kyle Reed

      give us a link homey

  • Steve Hill

    Nice basketball analogy. I think you’re pretty much right. There’s no such thing as a free throw in real life.

  • HYFJ