How To Turn Everyone Into Robots

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Tools are meant to be used, but can sometimes be abused.
No one understands this more then Mercy Me.

The very popular CCM (contemporary christian music) artist have recently been receiving some backlash over tweets and facebook messages sent out by the lead singer Bart Millard (twitter link).  The criticism comes from fans and critics alike who are finding fault with the bands lack of using Christ in Mas (saying Xmas instead of Christmas) and recently talking about Auburn Tigers star quarterback Cam Newton.

Here is what he said:

I chuckled a little bit, but it seems that I was the only one who thought it was funny. Multiple people said things like “Wow. I can’t believe a Christian band acts so judgemental to someone that has been cleared!” and “Wow – I USED TO BE a Mercy Me fan!!! That is just classless!!!” You know you have done something wrong when you get a triple exclamation point at the end.

As I read the ridiculousness of people I continued to reflect on this one comment from a girl named Autumn:

Definitely classless. I guess you aren’t who you claim to be. Are these comments a glimpse of your true colors?

True colors huh? I have heard people say that you can see who someone really is when they play sports but I did not know you could see someones character when they are watching sports.

Mercy Me has kind of laughed it off/been annoyed by the “concerned” fans. But I think it brings up a bigger question that I do not hear people talking about and it has to do with peoples “true colors”.

At what point does becoming what everyone wants you to be come into play here? I am not saying Mercy Me has sold out or lost their identity, but obviously people have an image set in their mind as to how Mercy Me should act, what they should sing, and how they should tweet. In so many words…

people have emasculated Mercy Me and turned them into robots of their pleasure

Strong words I know, but it seems that people are more interested in the image they have created of Mercy Me (or insert whoever) then the overall message of their music, hearts, and the Gospel.

10 years ago this would have never been a problem. Mainly because there was no such thing as social media. Then, artist decided what they wanted fans to know about them. Today, they have to let fans know who they are or they will not been known.

Here is why I write all of this…

Is it possible for people to be themselves?

This post is somewhat of a reaction or muse off of Mandy Stewards post I’m Tired of Being a Christian and in no way as awesome as her post. But it is something that I have been thinking about for a while.

What do you think?

Lets discuss…


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  • Matt

    Really? People gave them trouble for using the symbol of Christ in a tweet instead of the word? That’s lame. When are people going to learn that X and Christ mean the same thing?

    This Cam Newton tweet is funny and clearly a joke in the way it’s presented. If anything, the controversy shows that people take their sports teams way too seriously and don’t have much of a sense of humor.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes, people were very upset about that. Said things like, “you out of anyone should know we should keep christ in christmas.” really the reason he said xmas was because he need the extra characters for his tweet.
      pretty crazy

  • Jason Vana

    I think it’s sad, but a lot of Christians tend to have a preset image of what it means to be Christian…and try to force everyone to fit that image. You have to listen to certain music, have the same ideas on alcohol, tobacco, and evangelism. You should always be happy (an unhappy Christian is being disobedient), and every sentence should end with Praise Jesus! (ok, so some of that is an over-exaggeration, but it’s not too far off from what we’re told).

    But Christ never said we should all look, think and act the same. Even his disciples were a drastically different bunch – Devout Jews and Tax Collectors (traitors to the Jews), competing fishermen, wealthy and poor…but they all followed. It’s something the people you mentioned need to realize.

    • Kyle Reed

      agreed, and in all honesty I think a lot of this stems out of the idea that we have made Christ into our own image as well.

  • Lexi MacKinnon

    It is so sad that people are being so judgmental!

    I have actually read that saying Xmas is no big deal because it still means Christmas. X in Greek is Chi which is the first letter of Christ in greek. It’s not a “pagan” thing to say Xmas… GREEK Christians invented it!

    People need to just get over themselves! haha

  • dubdynomite

    Bart was probably the 1000th person to tweet something along those lines, except he followed with the second statement.

    I took it (especially from the second sentence) to be him making fun of the people that were tweeting the same tired line that he had just tweeted.

    I think everybody missed the joke.