How Your Brain Works

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

If you thought I was going to go all science up in here you will sadly be mistaking.

I am a science failure. I barely made it through high school chemistry. And in college, I chose every math class I could to get out of any science classes.

I am the least qualified person to talk about how your brain works.

But allow me to ask you a question on how your brain works?

Have you ever paused to think about the process of how YOUR brain works?
I am talking about how you process or deduce information. The way you get from point A to point Z.

How Your Brain Works

Well if you haven’t, I have. I often wonder, how does my brain get from start to finish in any life situation?

Here is what I am learning:

I get from point A to point Z a lot faster then most people.

This isn’t something that makes me cooler then you (well maybe), but for some God given reason, I process information very quickly and can usually come up with a solution long before I have finished hearing or explaining the problem.

This can be a cool thing. But left unmanaged, can cause some communication issues.

I am confronted with this”ability” all the time in my marriage.
Being a newlywed I have moved from living the life of bachelorhood to the life of a family man (and I wouldn’t trade it for the world).
But in this process my brain has not made the complete switch. It seems to be a bit behind on all the details.

One area in particular that my brain processing likes to rear its ugly head is in the way I communicate something. I will often tell my wife about an idea or a solution to something but leave out key components. Like I will completely skip over them. Especially details that are important to the story.

Why? Because I have already skipped over them in my head. I have come to the resolution, gone back through the process, and then come back to the resolution again in my head before I have even finished saying the first sentence.

This is the way my brain works. It allows me to be quick on my feet, calm in chaos, and valuable in judgements, but terrible in explaining process. And because of this, I have already seen down the road of how this can/will effect me. Because as we all know, the details are important. They matter to any situation. Taking someone from point A to Z and skipping E F and G will get several perplexing and frustrating looks.

Your brain is one component of what makes you who you are. It makes you unique, gifted, and able. And even if you don’t understand science like me, you still need to think about how your brain works. Because you might not be connecting all the dots. 


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