Hustle then, Give It Away

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This post goes out to young people in general. Kyle has written some on the problems facing 20 somethings, I think this will fit right in with those posts.

“HUSTLE then…. Give it AWAY”

First off lets define “hustle”this means work your but off… then work some more.

Nope, your still not working hard enough. Sure you need to have rest in your life, take time off, play with your kids. But I know for a fact that most young people of this generation are not working even close to their full potential, I’m know I’m not.

We (in general terms) are lazy. We always want, but hardly ever give (unless its sexy social causes, haha). We would rather play xbox for 3 hours than learn to be great at something, then complain we aren’t getting respect. Most of us are waiting for God to write in the sky to tell you to take that job, move away, go into the mission field, or marry that girl. Ummm, step up and man up, God can’t move a stationary object. Life is changing around us, and one thing we as young people have to do is work HARD.

Life is HARD, working hard is good. Working at what you love is great, but you have to work. You can do it! You just have to make some hard choices. But I believe you can! So get to it and HUSTLE!!!

Do something remarkable by working remarkably hard.

(“Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung is a GREAT read, go get it)

Second thing I want to define is “give it away” (This is something I’m currently learning and trying to do).

I am by nature a control freak, I’m good at a lot of things technical, or know enough to get into trouble, lol. I like to make sure everything is perfect, but thats not going to help me lead people. I have been learning that to lead people and build a tribe around me, one has to work hard, than hand it off to others.

This does two things, builds people around you so you can do even BIGGER things, and helps you not kill yourself! It allows you to spend time with your family, friends, even yourself, while growing your influence. For an example, Kyle asked me if I would like to write on his blog, this blog he built up. He has done most of the work and puts the time into it. I really haven’t done anything. But him allowing me to write has helped him, he now has some influence in my life, and his tribe is now a little larger. I also like to think another perspective has helped his blog. He worked than brought other people along.

So here is what I challenge you to do…..

Tell me what you are giving away?


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Chris Fenner is a film maker, video editor, and a storyteller. He loves beautiful images and a clear message. He creates lasting films and videos. Currently a Tech Director and Media creator for Heritage Church.
  • Kyle Reed

    Chris, love your attitude on this. I think you do this well and are working to do it better.

    What is important is to realize the hustle that was before us and the opportunities that were given to us because of that hustle. it is time to continue to give back to the next generation.

    • Chris Fenner

      totally agree that part of giving it away is giving back…. helps us look at the big picture as well!

  • Jason Vana

    I spent the last 9 years planting and building a ministry at the college where I graduated. Just this last year, I handed it off to a young man I raised up so I could focus in other areas – like growing the ministry to other colleges, doing more missions work in Czech and developing a ministry to high school youth.

    It was tough at first to let it go, cause it was 9 years worth of my life, blood, sweat and tears, but it’s amazing to see him grow in his leadership role, pour into others, and grow the ministry beyond what I did.

    • Kyle Reed

      that is the way to do it. I absolutely love that attitude.
      I see a lot of guys in the church who do not look into the future and protect their brand and are unwilling to train up the next leader to take over.

      May we learn from your example Jason

  • alece

    excellent post, chris. wow. this stands as a good challenge for all of us, not just the twenty-somethings. what am I giving away? I’m
    gonna be pondering that question all day…

    • Kyle Reed

      Chris is the man

  • Jordan Watson

    Love the ethos of this post. I agree with you. It makes me sick when I look at most people my age and see them wasting every night consistently on video games, partying or TV shows. Then they have the audacity to complain about their situation… Two years ago I made numerous changes in my life to give me more time and resources to hustle. For example, made the move to eliminate television from my home. Gave me more time to hustle & extra money to spend on projects.

    I think the second part of your post is the key. Although it is rare… anybody can work hard. In the end the “winners” are the ones that recognize it is not “their” idea they are working on. It belongs to all of us. They win because they know it is not about “them” winning but their idea spreading and gaining momentum.

    Great thoughts. Only one line I would change. “God cannot move a stationary object” I’d change it to “God refuses to move a stationary object.” Subtle but big difference to me.

    You asked a good question. Daily I try to hustle on developing these three things..
    Ideas on systems and structure for the church in which I minister.
    Vision for our ministries
    Ideas on my blog that gather people to movement.

    Then a give them away.

    Thanks for Kyle and Chris for continuing to call our generation to step up!