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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I usually do not win free stuff. Who really can say that they do win free stuff? Usually the rhetoric goes something like this “I never win free stuff.”
That all changed last week. Churchcrunch.com did a free giveaway for their 1,000 blog post. All you had to do was comment about how churchcrunch.com has taught you something over the last year. Pretty easy to do seeing as every post teaches me something. Their were 10 winners selected at random and I was one of the lucky winners.
What was the prize I received you might ask? Free Business cards courtesy of MooMini. Pretty cool prize, but honestly why would I need business cards? I don’t have a job nor do I have a cool title I like to call myself. What am I going to do with free business cards? That was my attitude up until a couple of days ago.

I started this little side project called steve jaguar thrift. You might have heard me talk about it before (and are probably tired of me talking about it). The project has remained very small partially because I have not taken the time to develop what it all entails. Basically, steve jaguar thrift is a online shop for vintage and trendy clothes. We take the cool clothes from the goodwill and salvation army and sell them to you.  The money that is made off of the clothes goes to support church plants, clean water projects, and other non for profit organizations. I have been trying to figure out a way to get the product off the ground and spread the word about SJT, but I have been kind of busy. But Steve Jaguar Thrift if back in business.

Next Wednesday, Steve Jaguar Thrift will have a booth at DewFest. DewFest is the fall kick-off party for Harvester Student Ministries. Last year DewFest had over 400 students attend. SJT is excited to be able to sell the clothes that have been sitting in boxes in a basement for the last two months. You might be wondering how the business cards are going to come into play? SJT is going to be taking the free cards that churchcrunch.com gave us and passing them out to all attendees. This is a cool and easy way to let people know about the website and our mission.

Thanks to churchcrunch.com for helping Steve Jaguar Thrift in their mission to make thrift shopping meaningful. And if you are free next week, head out to DewFest at Harvester Christian Church on Wednesday the 2nd of September and stop by our booth. If you cannot make it to the festivities stop by the website next week for a brand new launching of stevejaguarthrift.org

Here is the design of the cards:

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