Icy Monday, with some Hot thoughts

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Well another Monday has arrived and with it comes some more happenings and thoughts…

-Last week was the fastest week of my life, at least it seemed like that. Tune in next week and I might say that again.
-Got a big week ahead of me. We have 3 basketball games that the PEP club will be cheering at. I am the teacher sponsor so I have to be at the games.
-Homecoming is this Saturday, that will be fun
-Journey to Bethlehem, a big outreach our church does, starts on Thursday and goes to Sunday
-Did I mention that I am busy this week
-I have come to truly mean this, I hate the goodwill off of 94 and harvester. Don’t go there people
-Got to hear Kirk Bolen preach last night, he did a good job and has a natural preaching voice
-I think that I am just getting over being sick, finally. But I am ready to be able to breathe
-2 weeks until Christmas break, what a great benefit of being teacher
-Just got a tin can of cookies from a student for being a teacher, who would have thought I would get a christmas present from a student. heck ya
-I am making all of my christmas presents this year, the projects have begun, but I need an idea for my little sister. I am struggling on that one. Hopefully it will come to me while I am sleeping. That is when all my good ideas happen.
-I think the reason my week was so fast last week, was because I was at a basketball game every night. My little sister had a Varsity tournament, that’s right she is a freshmen on varsity, and they had a game ever night and they won the tournament. Good stuff

That is about it, I am out like the Mizzou tigers our out of any good bowl game. (That was cheesy, but I thought it was kind of funny).

Grace and Peace

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