Irony in a Phone

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

The video below is filled with irony.

First that Windows could actually make a product that works well. But second, they are running on the idea that you want a phone that you spend little time on instead of interacting with others. If thats the case I would buy a razr. But as I watched this video I could not help but recognize every situation in the video as truth.

Check it out:

The one that stands out to me the most is the dad with the son throwing baseball. I am very thankful that my dad never made technology or any other “toy” a priority over me. But as I start to get older I realize how I can easily let my phone take over my time with anyone. I am not a father yet (insert joke here) but I realize that that could be me. That I could be the guy that is more familiar with the retina display on his iPhone then the color of his children’s eyes. I do not want to be that guy.

I realize that it does not just all of a sudden start or stop. I realize that being fully present in each situation has to be intentional. I am starting now the discipline of keeping my phone out of sight when I am with others. I am working on not checking twitter more then I check with friends about how their day is going. And I am working on paying attention to others instead of paying attention to my angry birds.

Have you noticed this as a problem?

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  • mo

    Yes I have noticed this problem. It’s gotten to the point where I have to leave my phone locked in my desk if I’m going to a meeting, bc otherwise I’ll find myself checking it without thinking.

  • Tyler

    LOVE this video!

  • Nathan

    Thanks for posting this Kyle – I hadn’t seen the video yet – so many truths in there. Unfortunately they kinda ruined it at the end by trying to sell another device that’s going to do the opposite of what they’re saying it will – but we’ll let that slide. :) It kinda reminds me of that Coke commercial that came out earlier this year:

    And I’ve got to admit, those dang angry birds won out last night.

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