Is This Real Or Are We Gullible?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

And for fun let me add in this one as well:

What say you?

Real or Fake?


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  • Jay

    It’s obviously fake. There is a dead giveaway:

    The total lack of any reaction from both the pitcher and the batter despite the “Whoa!!!” shouts heard off camera.

    • Kyle Reed

      good call.

      You will not believe the argument I had with some people about this being possible. I told them in a million tries you still couldn’t do this

  • Michael

    1st = real
    2nd =fake
    Longoria is the man.

    • Kyle Reed

      wow, well I have to think that it is the other way around…but to each his own

  • Jonathan Pearson

    1st is fake for sure. – Although it would be a sick catch!

    The 2nd one could be real.

    • Kyle Reed

      haha, that would be one of the best catches ever

  • wvpv

    Reminds me of the Lebron PowerAde commercial:

    • Kyle Reed

      ya, i was talking to someone about that the other day.
      or the mike vick one where he throws the ball for miles

  • Mindy

    I wonder where this idea came from. I still think it’s real!

    • Kyle Reed

      mindy mindy mindy…let me just tell you that it is in fact not real.
      I found it on the internet a report that it was for a commercial for gillette.
      I wish it was, but it is not

  • Brad Blackman

    The first one looks staged. On the second one, I don’t think she had a clue. I’m not ruling out a complete accident, though. I wouldn’t put it past a soccer player to try that sort of thing. ;-)

    • Kyle Reed

      If they were trying to do that…then that has to be the coolest soccer player out there.

  • Tyler

    First is clearly fake, the 2nd might be real because her reaction seems real.

    • Kyle Reed

      I said the exact same thing.

      But you would be surprised, a lot of people said the first one was real. Still cannot believe people think it is real

  • mandythompson

    First, fake. The “ohs” are chorused, multi-tracked, like a bunch of versions of the same single “oh”… Plus, the ball looks unnatural right before he catches it. Something in that isn’t right.
    Second, real. Whew. I bet she had a headache afterwards.

    • Kyle Reed

      ya that had to really hurt

  • Jason

    First is obviously fake. The ball size changes too much and that just outs the CGI.

    The second is real. Look at the way her hair moves then the ball strikes and also the force by which she slammed the microphone into her mouth. If you’re faking it, you hesitate.

    • Kyle Reed

      ya I would have to agree with you on both of those

  • Tammy

    1st = fake
    2nd = real

    • Kyle Reed


  • Caleb Gordon

    it might be real! hard to say!

    • Kyle Reed

      really, in some crazy strange world it could be real :)