Is Your Comfort Holding You Back?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

The fear of the unknown can control your soul. As I discovered that I was not in a place of familiarity I quickly learned what comfort had done to me.

After spending a couple hours with the locals I quickly discovered I was not in Kansas anymore (I actually never lived in kansas, just a wizard of oz reference there). I had never experienced this crowd before and was a little taken back. Though I enjoyed the game I could not help  but feel uncomfortable as I tried to blend in and not stick out (I was wearing a Blues jersey though).

The game quickly became more of a hockey game. It was a stage that was my life and I was center stage. I was in such an unfamiliar place that everything was new and I was overwhelmed. I realized that my story had been one of predictability and comfort. There was nothing that was a challenge, nothing that was difficult. Instead it was a story that centered around familiarity and comfort.

Now more then ever, comfort is the last thing I need. Because my story has become comfortable.

How comfortable have you become?

Is that a good or bad thing?


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Grant Jenkins

    Dope! You know how I feel about living outside the comfort zone. I’m proud of you, homie! Welcome to Nashville!

  • Trey Bailey

    Great thoughts Kyle. I’m amazed at how quickly and easily I seek comfort. Even when placed in uncomfortable situations, intentionally or by circumstance, my immediate reaction is to seek comfort. Is this a Darwinian reflex or maybe just my sin nature (one in the same even?)? I am not sure. But I know my default, and that is to be comfortable. Yet I constantly read about Jesus in uncomfortable places, meeting uncomfortable people, and showing an amazing love. I suppose I will wrestle with comfort until it is given by the Comforter.

    • Kyle Reed

      Great questions about comfort and sin. Some stuff to chew on. And I think you are exactly right, we will always wrestle with this until Jesus returns

  • Kelsey

    Excellent “vlog”! It makes you think how so often we do get stuck in our own lives, routines, schedules, etc. I commend you for branching out, not only with the Blues-Preds game (Sorry our beloved Notes couldn’t pull a win off for you), but in your big move to Nashville. Can’t wait to keep seeing updates :)

    • Kyle Reed

      Thanks Kelsey. It was tough to watch and even tougher to be in the crowd. But it was cool going to the game, and it only cost me 10 bucks

  • Jeremy Chandler

    Definitely having some of the same thoughts. I might not like being “uncomfortable” but realize its often during these times that I will grow the most.

    Stoked you’re finally a Nashvillian. Look forward to hanging.

    • Kyle Reed

      I think you are right, being uncomfortable can bring about a lot of growth

  • Jenny

    Comfort is to know what we know because we know it. To live by faith, is to be uncomfortable. To truly believe what we believe, we must experience it, by being… uncomfortable.

    Whether its a move, like you did, or changing up the crowd we hang out in or the places we frequent, the opportunity to grow in faith, to share our faith is huge. I know the fear of the unknown is terrifying, but when we do step out into it, can we truly experience the sweet spot that God has for us and our lives.

    • Kyle Reed

      exactly, if we never step out we never experience what God has called us to

  • Kamrie

    I have about one place for comfort right now and it truly sucks. Anywhere outside of this place I am constantly bombarded with loneliness and hurt. I always have a worry about who will be there who I can hang out with and what we will talk about so there is no awkward silence.
    In my case I believe I don’t have enough comfort. For example, if I find myself thinking about these dilemmas in my own church then I know that I must move on. I can only take so much discomfort, but in church I believe there should be some level of comfort around other believers where you can talk about certain things with them without worrying about the reprocussions.

  • Jenny

    Kamrie, I’ve been there. I feel that hurt, too. But many are like you, and I hope you can find comfort in that, and comfort that the Most High Gkd is pursuing you and brings about the discontent you have in your heart bring about change. I have learned looking back that the place you are in is a beautiful thing, as your heart is facing this discomfort and brokeness- you are being refined. Refined to bring about change. Refined to serve. Refined to be a voice for so many who feel the same way. Please find comfort inthe fact that you are not alone and though being uncomfortable is a scary thing, it’s also a beautiful thing.

  • Randy Kinnick

    Great thoughts, Kyle. Some of the greatest growth experiences I’ve had were when I stepped outside my comfort zone. We need to be stretched and going where we’ve never been before makes us lean on God more fully and discover more about ourselves and His awesomeness! Thanks for the words of wisdom!

    Also…welcome to Nashville. I lived in the Nashville/Clarksville areas for a total of 15 years. My daughter still lives there and attends college. I hope Nashville holds many great things for you as you follow God’s plan.