Its a Cold Spring Day

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

With reported snow in Texas and snow on the way for St. Louis winter is officially here. It has been a beautiful November and a nice first week of December, but the cold front is here which means that winter has started. I hate the cold, absolutely hate the cold. You can imagine that this is the most wonderful time of the year.

I do not know what the weather looks like where you are, but I thought I would bring a little spring lovin our way. For the next five nights I will be outside in the cold (the high on Thursday is 27 degrees) for our churches annual Christmas presentation of the Birth of Jesus. I love being apart of this presentation, but I could do without the weather. I am trying to think happy thoughts here. Lets reminisce about spring memories. The best memories of the spring came in May when school was ending and baseball was starting. I do not think there is a better time of the year then May.

Do not be depressed, we got another 6 months to go until spring is officially here (by my standards) and shorts and sandals are in season. Enjoy this video….

What do you love….Winter or Spring?

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  • Jay

    Well, where I live (FL – Daytona Beach area) it's going to be 80 degrees. And no, I am not bragging. This is not the time of year I should be using the air conditioning in my house or car.

    • Kyle Reed

      must be rough

  • Shelby

    I hate hate hate hate hate the cold.
    Its awful.
    Its not snowing here, it rarely does.
    But its cold and windy and rainy.
    just yuck.
    cold is dumb

    • Kyle Reed

      I was out in the weather last night and it was 5 degrees. It was not fun

  • Jon Smith

    I'm going to have to disagree with you. I LOVE Spring. It's my favorite time of year… but I also love the cold. Maybe if I stayed out in it for a few nights in a row, I wouldn't love it so much. But I like how clean the air feels in the cold… weird, I know.

    • Kyle Reed

      that is weird. But I think I know what you are talking about. I love the air, but when it punches me in the face with bitterness I turn against loving it. I guess it is a love/hate relationship.

      • Jon Smith

        Ha. Good point.