It’s Halloween, You Going?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Isn’t that a legit costume.
I think I might be sporting that costume this year.

Halloween is only a couple of days away and I am torn as how to celebrate. The confliction comes in regards to wanting a lot of candy but being 24 years old. And not to mention the whole devils holiday thing.

As a kid I can only remember trick or treating once, and it only lasted for about 3 minutes and 5 neighbor houses. Most of my time was spent at church on October 31st walking around getting candy and playing games. One year I was a football player and I remember specifically trying to bobb for apples and not being able to get my head fully submerged because my shoulder pads were holding me back…those were the days.

As this day is fast approaching, I thought I would give you three halloween alternatives that could fill your time.

1. Start Christmas Early

Everyone knows the house that keeps their christmas lights up year round. Call it laziness or call it seasonal decorating, but one way to throw people off on Halloween is to  start Christmas early.

Imagine the scene, fake snow, those weird blow-up snowmen in your front yard and carolers singing your favorite christmas songs all in your front yard. People will not know what to do and in a state of confusion will either keep going down the street or go home because they want to start Christmas as well.

Either way its a win win, you do not have to give candy out and you get to start the christmas celebration early.

2. Scare Kids

When I was in high school, Halloween meant one thing, fat suits. Me and a friend would dress up in our custom home-made fat suits and sit on the porch and hand out cans of corn. Not only would kids be confused, but often times would run off in a panic because some oddly shaped high schooler with a huge belly and a skinny head would walk up to them and hand them a can of corn.

One year we started to run out of can food so we gave away the next best thing…packets of sugar. This idea did not sit very well with a couple of parents. In fact, we had one parent confront us on this “gift” and accuse us of giving kids anthrax. Keep in mind this just a month removed after september 11th 2001. He told us it was like putting flower on a co-workers desk and pretending it was anthrax. He even called the cops on us.

So be careful what you give out, but make sure you make a good fat suit. Your only as strong as the pillow you stuff in your shirt.

3. Spend Time with Jon Stewart

Instead of scaring kids and running around looking for candy you could go and hang out with Jon Stewart at his Rally to Restore Sanity. The rally takes place the day before Halloween so it gives you some time to restore some sanity and still do all the things mentioned about. But maybe, just maybe you will be so encouraged and inspired by the Jon Stewart that you rally up some sanity and take it to the streets.  But nothing says Halloween better then heading to Washington DC and hanging out with a bunch of hipsters and hipstomatics.

These are just a couple of my ideas.

How are you spending Halloween?


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  • Shelby

    This is very funny, esp the fat suit thing cracked me up.
    I am on saturday going to my boyfriend’s band’s first gig, then Campus Crusade’s halloween dance party.
    Sunday I am going to church…. then figuring out how to get the most free candy I can.
    I wish i was still 12 on these days

    • Kyle Reed

      I think we all wish we were still 12 :)

      • Shelby

        So true… i also have been wishing the family I used to nanny still lived close by and i’d offer to take their munchkins trick or treating. lol

  • Michael

    Where I’m from it’s Christmas year round. Everyone leaves their lights up all year. They just call them accent lights during the non-Christmas season.

    • Kyle Reed

      wow, well i guess that gives you an excuse to not have to take them down. It is annoying having to put them up for just a couple weeks and then taking them down.

  • Patrick Mitchell

    Scaring would be my preferred choice, but I guess that’s not “nice” in other peoples’ books. So I’ll settle for handing out candy, having conversations, and maybe tract-bombing unsuspecting trick-or-treaters….”oh, what’s that, you were expecting snickers? How about four spiritual laws instead!” Probably not that last part though.

    • Kyle Reed

      just what kids want on halloween, a little Jesus :)

  • mo

    We were actually thinking of setting up a parent tent with coffee and cider. Lots of kids in our neighborhood.

    • Kyle Reed

      my parents have done that the last 3 years and it has gone over really really well. They give out hot dogs and hot chocolate. People in the neighborhood know us as the hot chocolate house

  • Brett Barner

    I wish I had my 12 year old metabolism still. I finally have the entire stash of candy in my possession and can only give it away. Sad.

    • Kyle Reed

      i say you just pretend like the first couple of kids took it all and just keep it for yourself. That is what I would do. Or eat it while i passed it out

  • Josh

    I once got a can of pork ‘n beans for Halloween. Luckily, I was dressed up as a skunk.

    I’m all for scaring, but sadly, my wife and I just leave the lights off and buy zero candy. We totally Scrooge it on Halloween…not really sure why.

    • Kyle Reed

      ya you do, but i would probably do the same thing

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  • Kamrie

    You forgot to mention that one time you did butts up with the fake butt. I remember the church festival so much fun. I racked in more candy than any other time I actually went trick or treating. And I know you are a little depressed this year because you can’t get into my top secret candy stash anymore.

    • Kyle Reed

      thats what you think, i will find a way to break in

  • Brent

    I love option one! at the college I went to we would have people trick or treat in the dorms and most students really get into and wear fun costumes and decorate their floor. the floor I lived on has a tradition of celebrating Christmas instead. We would deck the hall with all kinds of Christmas decorations(Christmas lights, trees, garland, plastic lawn decorations). we tried to make it it as over the top as possible. we would have one of the guys dress up as Santa for the trick or treaters, and he would hand out candy and take pictures with the kids. the looks of complete confusion and shock on the kids faces were awesome.

    • Kyle Reed

      see i knew it would catch on. Love the idea

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  • Lexi MacKinnon

    This literally made me laugh out loud for like 5 minutes! You are too funny! Love the anthrax scare… if only I had been hanging out with you on Halloween growing up!

    • Kyle Reed

      It was definitely fun, wish I could go back to those days

  • Jeff Goins

    Man, that rally to restore sanity was good stuff…