Jay Leno Show and My Future

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Early this morning I was awoken to a call from a number that I had never seen before. I answered it in my cool groggy early morning voice and listened to a guy tell me about how he had found my blog off a recommendation from a friend and that he worked for the tonight show and wanted to interview me about my life as a blogger living in his parents basement. You better believe that was awake by then and was pretty confused. He went on to tell me that most likely it would be aired on Monday night but that I would be getting a call from Jay later today.

Pretty crazy right? Don’t know all the details yet, but will have more news soon.

I am thinking about telling him I would rather talk to Conan instead (thanks Andy for the advice).

Here is what I do know about it all.


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    You almost had me fooled…..NOT.

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    clever clever mr reed.

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    Hardy, har, har, har…