Jesus Needs A Jackass

benjmiller // @kylereed

Today, I have a special little treat for you. Its what the blogging experts call a “guest post” but I just call it a treat for the readers. Todays post comes from a guy who knows a thing or two about social media and blogging. In fact, he knows so much he founded a company called EyeSpeak that is changing the way companies interact with customers through the web.
Today on the blog it is my great privilege to turn the pages over to Benj Miller.
Instead of me go on and on about what he does and who he is here is what he does at
EyeSpeak: Benj founded eyespeak with the idea that he could create an agency experience for clients without all of the add-ons and bloated billing practices of traditional agencies. In the last six years his idea has blossomed into a full service design, development, and social media agency service focusing on faith based organizations, start-up companies, and small and medium sized businesses that are looking to get over the hump.
I am pretty pumped about this post and I think you will find yourself at the end understanding what the title is all about. Enjoy and follow the guy on twitter @benjmiller

We all remember the success of the Jackass crew on MTV and their follow-up movies. If you are XY you found them entertaining. You may have felt guilty for finding them entertaining… but they were and you know it.

I was thinking about them the other day and their secret to success; they knew one thing that was exploitable for success…COURAGE.

I’m not so much speaking to the courage it takes to run in front of a horny rhino and risk bones being broken. That is brave, but what set them apart was their courage to look stupid and ugly in front of a lot of people.

I think Jesus could use a few Jackasses (is that a word?). A few men and women to rise up, band together and not be afraid of what the world will think when people see their naked insane ugliness.

I want to be a Jackass for Jesus.

Why is it hard to have courage to be honest with others and yourself as to who you truly are?

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  • Kim Miller

    Benj, you are a jackass for Jesus, and i loved that you are. Keep up the courage.

    • benj miller

      Thanks (mom) ;-)

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  • John Saddington

    wah……….. 150 word guest post? that’s barely a sneeze on the backchannel of reddit.

    please. what a jackass.

    • benj miller

      If we were all as great as you… you wouldn’t be special.

      • John Saddington

        being special is what a grade school teacher tells their under-performing kids. being special on the internet is equally as un-spectacular.

        i guess i’d rather be a jackass, per your definition.

        • austinklee

          You are both special.

      • Chris Ames

        +1 Benj. -1 John.


  • Jason Vana

    I think it’s hard to be honest with others because we’ve been conditioned to never show weakness, especially in the church. If you show you struggle, if you show doubt, then people automatically think you are backsliding or not serious about God.

    Great thoughts man.

    • benj miller

      That’s sooo sad, but true. I want to think our generation can take this issue and bust a hole in it.

    • Kyle Reed

      which I think it should almost be the opposite. Like if you are not sharing that you are struggling with things or even honest about your sin people should be worrying. Unfortunately we have it a little backwards.

  • Kevin

    Solid stuff. Being “open” has always been the same as being “weak” in my world. Suck it up, tuck it away, put a smile on your face and move on. I’m realizing just how unhealthy that kind of life really is.

  • Ben

    Transparency along with vulnerability goes a long way when in community with one another, and as a Father I find it especially difficult to show either to my kids, and friends. I’m working on it though…

    Would it be Jackii?

  • Kamrie

    Sounds good to me. I am ready to expose myself to the world just like Jackass! Amazing how MTV is teaching us what it means to be a Christian.

  • Jenny

    I love the phrase “jackass” or really just the word ass.

    I am learning what a joy it is to be openly messy. To not have all the answers to say “hey I struggle” or “hey I screwed up.”
    it’s a struggle though. The world loves it, but the church starts to flip out when we as leaders start exposing ourselves like that. They get scared, it’s not in the norm, the norm is shoving stuff under the rug. So it is no suprise to find pews and sanctuarys filled with people with sticks up their asses rather than fully surrendered jackasses for Christ. I agree, we need to be naked and to do so our pride must be what’s shoved under the rug rather than our junk.