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I don’t about you but I love good music. Music that makes you think, music that inspires you, and more importantly music that moves you to be something and to do something ( I really don’t know what that means, but sounds good).
So when I stumbled across a solo project by Jon Foreman, lead singer of a band called switchfoot, I found a hidden gem.
It was December and I was doing my usual new music Tuesday routine of checking iTunes. I saw that he had this little EP out and so I decided to give it a little try. I was hooked immediately from the opening track, “The Cure for Pain”
From there I listened intently and marveled at the use of different instruments and the fact that he produce the cd on his own on the road.
I remember a couple of months later looking on iTunes again and seeing that he had another EP out, this time it was “winter ep.” I bought that sucker immediately and from there on I continued to fall in love.
A couple of weeks ago jonny released “Summer” making the seasonal EP’s complete. To me this little triology plus one (what is that, like a fourilogy) complete.
I would highly highly highly encourage you to check his stuff out, it is amazing. I hope that he makes more but for now I will listen to all of them at one time and enjoy.
Here are my Favorite Tracks
The Cure for pain
Lord Save me from Myself
Your Love is Strong (Third Favorite
Baptize my Mind
House of God, Forever
Learning how to Die
Somebodys Baby (Second Favorite)
White as Snow(favorite)

Consequently my favorite EP is Winter

Tell me what you think of Jon Foreman
What is some new music you have been listening to?

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