Jon Stewart is My Favorite Preacher

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

One of my new favorite things to do each and every night is watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. There is something about his humor and his take on polotics that I really enjoy and it is a good way to wind down from the day. But after a week or two of watching I realized that John Stewart is not only funny but has a lot of great points.

The video below is just one of the many examples where Stewart puts together clips and info to make a point. The big debate is over the announcement of NASA taking part in working with the Muslim World. What starts as a pretty obvious and weird idea (NASA not participating in space “stufff”) turns into a theological discourse that makes you think. 3 minutes in it gets very interesting.

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This conversation was very interesting to me. Only a couple days removed from the day we celebrate our independence, I found it fascinating that freedom was at the center of controversy. Mainly, freedom of religion. Like I said before, the celebration of freedom was at the center of conversation for many, and churches took that opportunity to celebrate the fact that Christians were allowed to worship freely. I cannot help but watch this clip and see the complete double standards that are set in place.

I want to get your opinion on this video.

What is your reaction to freedom of religion? What about if the religion is not the one you practice?


Would love for you to share this with your community by tweeting this out or maybe writing a follow up post to this video. I think this would be a very healthy conversation to have. Please participate in the conversation below in the comment stream and tweet out the link to this post.

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  • Graham

    I don’t have time to watch the video right now (at work) but I am glad you’ve found the Daily Show! Love me some Jon Stewart!

    I’ll comment on the video later

    • Kyle Reed

      Its definitely worth the watch.

  • Stephanie

    I thought the video was funny and did make some good points.

    I think it could become dangerous for the country to start legislating which religions can practice freely. Whose to say that the country/government wouldn’t one day put the same restrictions on Christianity?

    Also, I don’t believe that preventing these mosques from being built will in anyway convert anyone to Christianity. I cannot force my beliefs on anyone. Jesus didn’t come to force Christianity on anyone. He came to offer us the choice. He gave us free will. What we can do is reach out and love on those around us. Instead of condemning those around us because we are afraid (God is not a god of fear), we need to be Jesus’ hands and feet to them. That doesn’t mean that we have to agree with their religious beliefs or support those ideas, but I think we need to be careful to not condemn. Very rarely do people come to Christ because they have someone sitting around pointing out all of their faults. They come because God is grace, hope, and love.

    • Kyle Reed

      Regulating religion is very dangerous

  • Brett Barner

    I’m a big Jon Stewart fan, (as well as Colbert). I usually watch them every night. I’ll have to check out this vid sometime later today, but thanks for sharing.

    PS. It’s “Jon”. ;)

    • Kyle Reed

      I am obviously a new fan.
      Those dang johns that dont spell their name right. jon stewart and jon acuff….lame

      • Brett Barner


  • Russell

    (My fav hour of TV)

    When I was in college, there was a mosque being built in our town. Like usual in the Bible Belt – there was a huge community push to get it stopped (same arguments… 18 years ago). Even my pastor came out against it. At the time I was a fundie (don’t hate me… I am now a recovering fundie). So I joined in the public ridicule.
    It shocked me, but the director of my denominational student union wrote an op-ed piece DEFENDING the right for the mosque to be built. I respected this man (and still do) and it threw my faith into a tail spin. This one mans stance change my entire perspective of what it means to be a believer and how we must relate to one another.

    • Kyle Reed

      wow, that is a great story. And you are forgiven.

      Its crazy how his actions challenged you to think. I am sure that he got a lot of public ridicule for standing up for what he believed, but he also made a great impact as well.
      Pretty cool

  • John

    Love Jon Stewart – our national broadcaster has just started broadcasting his show daily in Australia so I watched this episode the other night & laughed

    We have a mosque next door to our church – no probs at all with them or their mosque – they are very quiet

    However I do wonder why commentators don’t raise the issue of the terrible restrictions placed on believers (incl building churches) in many Muslim countries. I think it’s rather rich for Muslims to expect complete freedom in Western countries whilst their compatriots deny those freedoms to many christians.

    I do worry about the spread of mosques across western countries & what will ultimately happen to our freedoms – it is a complex issue I think

    • Kyle Reed

      That is true. It is not always a two way street, especially in other countries. I have never really thought of that. I guess my mind is in America in the direction of freedom here, but you make a great point of the issue that is abroad as well.

  • Adam Lehman

    Dang it.